Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat – Does it work? 

Freshly manicured hands always make me feel well groomed. It’s a shame then that with my track record of messing up manicures that this ends up being a rare occurrence. I tend to think then that it’s not worth the effort unless I have a special occasion. This is why I choose to include Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat as one of my recent you beauty box selections.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat claims to     Instantly dry your manicure so that it is touch dry in just 30 seconds. It contains an acrylic polymer that works to harden and dry any nail colour whilst providing a superior shine and reduce chipping. Sounds great right? So the question is, does it work?

In a manner of speaking yes, It’s good, but  I will say it’s not perfect.

It certainly lives up to its claims that you can achieve a touch dry manicure in 30 seconds. I also agree that it hardens the nail colour more than a regular top coat.

As I said earlier I am guilty of messing up a fresh manicure, mainly as I’m impatient. This isn’t an issue with this top coat though.

The finish is beautifully glossy and that lasts. I can’t comment on whether this shine lasts for the ten days as claimed though as I have usually switched my manicure up by this point.

The reason I have said that this is not a perfect top coat is that although I have definitely experienced less chipping than usual it does still chip.

A typical manicure using this top coat will last 3 days before I have to change it due to tip wear. I work in retail which is a fairly hands on role. The picture below is an example of my nails after 3 days wear.

This is actually a vast improvement compared to previous top coats I have used and to be honest I have an inkling I’m always going to be the girl that bashes her nails.

Sally Hansen Insta dri is priced at £6.95 so sits at the higher end of the drug store pricing scale.

I consider this to be a good purchase as it has worked better than any other product of this type I have tried in the past. Other products designed to reduce manicure drying time have always made my nail polish brittle but this doesn’t do that.

This will most definitely be a repurchase for me once it runs out!

Revisiting #MondayMani – Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Review

Having used my Monday slots for #mummymonday posts more recently I’ve been missing creating those nail type blog posts that I focused on when starting It can also be hard to come up with relative content every week. 

So for a change, this Monday I decided to revisit #Mondaymani’s. I’m considering alternating the two types of posts, what do you think? 

My thoughts are it gives me time to focus on high quality “mummy” content rather than something that is a bit meh.

So on to today’s review. 

I recieved this nail polish duo in Octobers edition of YouBeautyDiscovery box. When I saw this on the menu I knew instantly I would be picking this to be included in my box this month. 

  I love to paint my nails, but I have a problem with chipping. Honestly I’m not sure how I manage it, but I can never go 24hrs without messing up my nails. I would be telling a blatant fib if I tried to pretend it was because I was a good housewife and spent hours cleaning, nope sorry hubby! I’m a bit rubbish in that department also. 

Now we have cleared up that I’m just generally rubbish with my nails, (and housework) you see why I just had to try out the Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy system. Priced at £6.99 (currently 3 for 2 in Boots) each worn together they promise long lasting gel effect nails at home minus faffing about with a lamp. 

Application was easy, it has a nice wide brush and dried fast. 

I followed Revlon’s instructions of applying 2 coats of colour followed by a layer of the specially designed topcoat. 

The hi shine effect that this polish provides is fab, and the finish is super smooth. Apart from neatness you could totally pass this as a Salon manicure.  
Now let’s get down to the bit where we talk about how long lasting this system is. Well a miracle product it isn’t, however I did get three days wear out of this minus any big chips; just a tiny bit of tip wear. 

For me this is unheard of so actually Revlon are on to a winner with these nail polishes. Yes this will never stand up to the longevity of a professional gel manicure, but if like me you usually bugger your nails up with tradititional polish after a few hours then this is for you. 

The blue shade wouldn’t necessarily be my first choice, (it was picked by YouBeautydiscovery) but I do like it for the summer. I think I’m going to have to nab a couple of other more autumn appropriate shades, there are 30 to choose from. 

So thoughts on structuring my Monday blog posts? Stick to #mummymonday or mix it up a bit with some #mondaymani’s? Let me know in the comments section. Processed with Moldiv

Nail Art with L.A. Colors Art Deco Laquers 

Who out there loves a little bit of Nail Art? I know I do and love having a bit of peruse through Instagram and Pinterest at all the amazing designs that other people come up with. Sadly my skills are not exactly up to scratch though it doesn’t stop we having a go myself.

This is my latest attempt, it had been a miserable rainy day so I was inspired to brighten things up with something bright and summery on my nails. It was also the ideal opportunity for me to try out these Art Deco Nail Art Laquers from L.A. Colors. 

I am so pleased with these Nail Laquers. As they are designed specifically for nail art they have super fine brushes giving you greater control with detailed work. The packaging is also pretty special, check out the metallic turquoise caps, Pretty!

 I did find that the formula was a little bit thin but you can easily build up deep opacity. This also meant that drying time is quick, so there is no waiting around for ages waiting for one colour to dry before using another.

These are available in a variety of colours, 20 to be exact, with a mix of metallics and high shine formulas. Priced at a very reasonable £1 from they won’t break the bank either. I know I will be investing in some more shades in the future.

Is nail art something you like to have a dabble in? I love to see some of your designs.

NOTD – Rave review Miss Sporty Clubbing Color Nail Polish

Miss Sporty club colors

Well, who would have thought a £1.99 bottle of polish from budget brand Miss Sporty could be so darn amazing.

I’m so impressed, particularly as I normally give the brand a wide berth.

Something about the brand has always said teenage makeup to me, so I’ve never bothered looking. Last week though I happened to spot this gorgeous shade of purple in boots, and priced at £1.99 I didn’t think I had much to lose if it turned out the formula was rubbish.

Let’s just say, I’m so glad I picked one up. The formula of this is brilliant, combined with its wide brush application is a dream.  The picture below is just one coat, yes I repeat myself ONE COAT!!

Miss Sporty nail polish

The gloss of the polish as absolutely beautiful, it reflects the light so nicely.

Although I did actually apply two coats for good measure, if you were in a hurry, you could totally get away with just one coat.

So moral of the story, don’t brush a brand off just because you think it’s a bit childish. This nail polish from Miss Sporty is awesome, I’m going to have to check out some of their more specialised polishes now.

Have you tried anything from Miss Sporty before? Do you have any recommendations for other products from the brand I need to try?

Bye for now, Katy 🙂

Monday Mani – Caviar Nails with Me Me Me Nail Gloss

Hey guys,

 I’m trying something a bit different this week, with my mani. Having dabbled in a bit of nail art I’ve come to the conclusion I’m a bit naff at it. Lack of skills aside I like to try out different things to keep it interesting. 

  This is where nail decals such as glitter pots and caviar come in handy. They are so quick and easy to use. 

  For this mani all I had to do was give my nails a couple of coats of polish. and then whilst the nail is still wet roll the nail in the Caviar decals to apply. 

So simple, yet affective. 

The nail polish polish I have used is from Make-up brand Me Me Me. This has a very unique brush that I haven’t come across in other nail polishes. 

  It is very wide, flat, and set of centre. This enables you to apply the polish in just one stroke. Perfect if your in a hurry.  

 The formula is smooth and glossy, it dries super quickly too. Usually I manage to bash my nails up, even with quick dry formulas but with this polish it set hard, so no bashed nails. 

Considering these polishes cost only £4 they are pretty awsome. I can’t find this shade on their website but they have a very nice selection of shades currently available. 

Have you tried anything from Me Me Me before? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂

Monday mani – Barry M Matte  in Waikiki 

Happy mani day guys! Yup we are pretending it’s not really Monday morning here. As I have’nt featured a nail post in a little while I thought I would be perfect timing to share what’s currently on my nails. 

This won’t last long on my nails though as today marks the start of me giving my bathroom a makeover. I’m excited to get started as it’s been long over due. 

Anyway slight digression there, back to my nails.  


I started of by using one of the Matte shades from Barry M. This is Waikiki, which is a yellow toned lime. Boy do I love this nail polish, it’s such a fresh spring green.

 I have paired this with metallic tape in pink and gold, to create a very simple tartan effect. I had to finish of with a top coat to ensure that the tape lasts longer so unfortunately you can’t see the matte effect on the finished manicure. 

I have taken a picture prior to completion though so you can see the matte effect of the polish. I think for a simple manicure on it’s own this gives a pretty cool finish.


The polish itself was really easy to work with and had good opacity with two coats, what you would expect from Barry M.

What do you think? Do you like the simple design of this mani?

Bye for now, Katy 🙂

NOTD – Rimmel London 60seconds super shine nail polish – Instyle Coral

Today I have for you a high street nail polish that has impressed me some what. This is the 6O seconds super shine polish from Rimmel London. 



I received this in a goody bag that I was lucky enough to win at  Scarlett Londons #SLBloggerbash. Thank you to her for organising and hosting the event, and also to Wynsors world of shoes, who provided this prize. 

Anyway’s a slight digression there. I have the shade Instyle Coral, this as suggested is a super bright and shiny Coral, that has an almost luminous quality to it. It just screams summer at me. This one is going to look fab with a tan, I just know it. I shall be reaching for this particular polish a lot this summer. 

As the name suggests this is a quick drying formula. We are talkng touch dry though, I wouldn’t suggest trying anything to adventurous after 60 seconds, otherwise your going to ruin you mani. 

The drying time of this particular polish is quick enough that I would reach for this over others if I was in a hurry. 

Due to the quick drying properties of this formula you do have to work fairly quickly, otherwise it can get a bit tacky. Not a huge problem, but worth mentioning.  

Another plus point for me has to be that this has a wider brush, it just makes application easier. That’s a personal preference though. 

As you can see from the picture bellow one coat have a fairly opaque coating.  


I used two though as this helps my mani to last longer. 

Priced at £2.99 this really is a good purchase, it’s worth baring in mind also that the major retailers such as Boots and Superdrug will often have this on a 3 for 2 offer. 

What do you think of this colour? DO you have any suggestions for other shades to try on the range? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂

NOTD – Essie smooth sailing, Barry M Mermaid 

Hi guys! Just a quick one for you today, I thought I would share with you what I’m wearing on my nails. Essie smooth sailing is a stunning grey toned blue with irridisesent micro particals.   


I’ve paired this with Barry M’s mermaid, a chunky glitter in blue, silver and green, which is set in a clear polish. I’ve restricted this to an accent nail though as the Essie polish is so understatedly pretty it really deserves to be showcased. 


I’m loving this combination it makes me think of water and just feels right for the transition into spring. Perhaps it’s my natural water tendancies, I’m a pisces you see. 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂 

NOTD – Rainbow pastels for spring

Hi guys! March is here, it’s warming up a bit and early spring bulbs are starting to bloom. To me, that’s a sign that spring is on it’s way. This has inspired me to start dabbling in pretty pastel nails. What do you do though If you can’t decide what colour to go for? My answer is to where them all for a simple rainbow nail. 

I think they look great against my black stonewashed jeans. The colours really pop. Below are the nail varnishes I used, but you can do this with any pastel shades you have knocking around. 

FYI the purple is a scented Revlon one, it’s bizarre as once dry it really doesn’t smell of nail polish. The Binky London polish in my opinion has the best formula out of all these polishes. They are pretty reasonably priced as well at £2.95

Are you in the mood for spring yet or is it still very wintery where you live? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂 

NOTD – Gray on Gray by Sally Hanson


What with a certain film being officially released tomorrow it decided to dig out some greys from my nail polish collection. I was intrigued to know how many different shades of grey nail polish I have, well the answer is 6.

Sally Hanson’s complete salon manicure in Gray on Gray has to be my favourite, it’s a slightly blue toned grey, and is less harsh than shades that lend themselves more to blacker tones. The formula itself is outstanding, the finish here was with just one coat, perfect if you are in a hurry. It also has my favourite type of brush, flat and wide, making it easy to apply.

For added interest I decided to pair this with an accent nail in woven skyline from Maybelline’s brocades collection. This is a gorgeous glitter polish, with both fine and chunky silver glitter encased In a grey polish. Certainly not dull!


I’m on the look out for a pale grey, I’m lacking one, to pair with pretty pastels. Any suggestions?

Bye for now, Katy 🙂