My first Pink parcel Experience 

Who else hates their period? I do, with a great big fat capital H! Saying that I do greet it each month with a ‘Halle-friggin-lujah’…I’ve dodged the pregnancy bullet. Those inevitable cramps and that not feeling truly clean experience are not welcome though! That’s why I decided I was going to give Pink Parcel a try. 

Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription service that promises to make those monthly visits ‘fuss free and fabulous’ The service combines treats, beauty products and those essential femcare products all delivered to you at home. This arrives in a discreet and well packaged parcel on a date of your choosing. 

My first concern was whether it would arrive in time. Fortunately it actually arrived roughly a week before my selected date. No problems there then.

Secondly, would I be sent the type of femcare product that I prefer to use? Thankfully you get to choose from a wide variety of brands and can pick, tampons, towels or even a combination of both. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this part of the box isn’t just an afterthought. You receive a good amount with a combination of items for both daytime and nighttime use. There is also even a little well filled ‘for now’ bag to keep in your handbag so you don’t ever get caught out. 

Also included in the box is a treat food item along with a healthy tea bag. I don’t know about you but I always crave chocolate around my time of the month. I also love a cup of tea!

January’s box theme is Positivity, so the beauty related products included reflect this. 

My favourite item included is the Made by Coopers Apothecary Happy Mist value £12. 

This can be used to spray in the air or onto fabrics. The lime, clementine and basil scent is very uplifting and definitely triggers the pleasure sensors. 

I was also pleased to see Browcote Waterproof Brow Gel. Value £6.99

Brow products are one of my favourite make-up items so I will definitely be trying this out. I’m that person that can happily leave the house with a bare face but I always have to have groomed brows. 

Laritzy is a makeup brand that I haven’t heard of before now. This eye pencil is what I consider to be a ‘safe’ introduction to the brand. This is the most expensive item in the box with an rrp of £18.00.

I have the shade shimmer which is a silver shade. I shall be trying this out in my waterline as an eye brightening product. The packaging states that it is free from Parabens and after checking their website I found out that they also do not test on animals. Both positives for me! 

The last item is a set of Bandzee Hair Ties value £5.95. 

I love this type of hair tie as they are strong yet don’t leave kinks in you hair. I do feel they are often very overpriced though, especially as I’m always loosing them. This was definitely a useful addition to this box. 
Over all I am really pleased with my first experience of Pink Parcel. The value of the contents far exceed the £12.95 price tag. I’m not going to lie sanitary towels are one of those essential items that I resent have to spend money on. This subscription service takes the pain out of it! I’m looking forward to seeing what February’s box brings. 

The 7 magical ingredients of Garnier Miracle Sleep Cream

I talked about Garnier Miracle sleep cream in a recent skincare favourites post. Before I wrote that post I was doing some research into the product’s ingredient list. I like to know what I’m putting on my skin, and to be be honest, who doesn’t?

Several of those Ingredients however I had never heard of let alone knew what they were doing for my skin. Are they even safe? I consider myself to be quite passionate about good skincare so its no surprise then this triggered a spontaneous research session. 

Now I understand why Garnier Miracle Sleep cream is so good! These 7 magic ingredients are why;

  • Lavender Essential Oil – Aside from smelling nice and  being relaxing, Lavender oil also has disinfect properties and can help with circulation. 
  • Extract of Albizia – This is a tropical plant extract. Usually this is taken as an oral supplement. Source (Organic It has many benefits including helping to keep skin healthy. 
  • Andenosine – This is a type of Yeast. It actually can be found naturally in the body. Used in this way it can help to energise the skins surface and has anti-wrinkle properties. Source Paula’s Choice
  • Jojoba Oil – This can help to soften the skin whist also unclogging pores. 
  • Hyaluronic Acid – This is one of my favourite skincare ingredients. It has moisture binding capabilities so helps to improve the performance of the other ingredients on the skin. I swear by any product with this in. 
  • LHA – This is an abbreviation of beta-lipohydroxy acid and is similar to Salicylic Acid. As it has a PH of 5.5, similar to the skins natural PH level is it suitable for sensitive skin. Source laroche-posay . It has antibacterial properties, lifts dead skin cells and unclogs pores. 
  • Ruscus Extract – This is another plant extract that has calming and soothing benefits. Source

My skin has definitely benefited from this combination of ingredients. I would even go as far as claiming Garnier Miracle Sleep cream has achieved holy grail status with me. Priced at a very reasonable Rrp of £12.99 this is an all rounder skincare product that is worth investing in. 

Facemask Friday | Ooharr Rosie Glow Deep Cleansing mask

 Do you look for skincare products that are natural, kind to the skin and British made? 


Well you may want to check out this new range of facemasks from Ooharr as it ticks all three. Priced at just £1.20 they make an affordable treat for those times when you want a guilt free pamper session.  

I had the opportunity to try a couple of masks from the range. (I won a twitter giveaway, lucky me!).

So far I have only tried the Rosie Glow deep cleansing mask, but I was impressed. 

 The mask itself is of the thick natural clay variety with Dead Sea salts that promise to help detoxify and draw out impurities from pores. 

This is balanced out with nourishing Rose, Marula Oil and Palmarosa essential Oil.  

 There was more than enough Facemask in the sachet for myself so I shared it with my teenager daughter. 

It smelt lovely, but then I’m a fan of anything rose scented. 

Once removed my skin really was glowing. A couple of days on I feel my skin is still looking bright. I did have a couple of spots come out, but nothing major they cleared quickly, I put this down to my pores being cleaned out. 

It has also had a good skin clearing effect on my teenangers skin, so I agree with Oohars claim that it is suitable for all skin types.

I’m now looking forward to trying the Dead Sea Cooler Deep Cleansing Mask next time I have a pampering session. 

If you would like a review of that one then let me know in the comments section. 


Kneipp Sparkling Bath Tablets Reveiw 

Sometimes in life you need to just sit back and relax. What better way is there to have a little ‘me time’ than an indulgent bath?

I am a huge fan of using bath bombs and oils to create a relaxing and fragrant bath, so I was more than excited to be sent some a selection Kneipp Sparkling Bath Tablets to try out. Thank you for the kind gift.

Kneipp is a natural body and skincare brand created in Germany. It has over  120 years of experience producing high quality natural products packed with essentials oils that are free from paraffin, silicone and mineral oils.

Priced at £1.95 the latest addition to the range are these sparkling bath tablets. They are available in arnica to sooth joint and muscles or Eucalyptus to assist with the clearing of the sinuses.

As my legs were aching soo much this morning after yesterday’s gym workout I decided now was a good time to try the arnica variety.

On contact with the water this produced a rich creamy lather before settling to a gentle fizz that lasted for a good amount of time. It also turned the water a lovely yellow colour.

The smell of the bath is amazing! It was very refreshing and relaxing. It actually lingered on my skin for a long time after my bath.

In terms of effectiveness this did ease the aches and pains I was feeling in my legs. I would say these effects are short term though, as they did return later.

Overall I have to say I really liked this product. It provided a gorgeous smelling bath and did ease my aches in the short-term. Priced at £1.95 this is also very good value for money when compared with the price of similar products in Lush.

I think these are great to have on stand by to help out with the aches and pains you can get after a tough workout.

I’m yet to try the Eucalyptus bath tablet but I’m saving it for that inevitable winter cold.

Have you tried anything from Kneipp before? Do you recommend any of their other products?

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Shopping my Stash – The Bodyshop Peppermint footcare range 

I hate to admit this but my poor feet are looking a bit grim at the moment. They deserve a pamper as through laziness I’ve been skipping my evening foot cream. Whoops!

It was about time then that I delved into my stash for something to help them out. Hello The Bodyshop Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak £7 and The Bodyshop Peppermint Intense Foot Rescue £9

Not only does the foot soak feel great it smells AMAZING! This is a bit of a duel purpose product really as it sooths aching feet as well as the scent clearing out any wooly headiness you might be feeling.

To use all you do is dissolve a small handful of salts in warm water and then soak your feet whislt kicking back and doing something relaxing. Me, I chose to pick up a book. I’m currently reading Linsey Kelk’s Always The Bridemaid. That lady is funny, with a capital F!

After a good soaking I dried my feet before giving them the once over with a foot file, to remove any dead skin. Yugh I know!

I then applied the Intensive foot rescue which left my feet smelling and feeling all lovely and soft. This is a lovely thick cream that isn’t too greasy so absorbs well. Kind of a must have really if you don’t want to be sliding around all over the place after using it. Again the peppermint smell of this is soooo good!

Feet all fresh and pretty looking this was the perfect time to be trying out a new nail polish from Lottie London. I have the shade stand out which is a very metallic gold. I received mine in my #bigbloggersconference goody back but you can pick these up from Superdrug priced at £5.99.

I really should treat my feet to a pamper a bit more often, it’s one of those areas that I tend to neglect. Naughty me!

Have you tried anything from the Bodyshop Peppermint foot care range before? Are you kind to your feet or like me do you tend to neglect them a bit?

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