Project 10 pan update – 4 1/2 month update!

I bet you thought I’d forgotten all about my Project 10 pan. It’s been freakin’ ages since I updated you on my progress, 96 days to be exact. Um where has three months gone? 

In terms of the panning project though things were going slow. As its been so long I now have some actual visual progress to show you. 

So, finished products? We now have 5 in total. 


Technically I still have a teeny tiny bit of the primer left as I cut it open and depotted it. Good girl that I am doesn’t want to waste a drop! 

Moving on to what I’m still working on, we have some serious pan porn going on. Yes sorry I know that sounds weird but if you look up project panning on YouTube then you will see a whole lot of girls getting excited about some pan porn. I’m not alone in this one honest! 



These cream products are taking far longer to use up than I antisipated, the kids are now broken and they’re getting mucky yugh!! Put it this way if they are not done by Christmas they are going in the bin for hygiene reasons. Priced at £2 each though I feel I will have got fair use out of them, so won’t feel too guilty about tossing them. 




I have made so much progress on the eyeshadow, mainly due to the fact that I’m also using it as a brow powder and along my waterline as liner. I think this could actually be the next product I finish up.  
 This lipstick though, we have zero progress. I’ve come to the conclusion I hate the colour and that’s why I’m putting of using it. I’m considering being naughty and conveniently losing this one! 
Last up we have what I previously called ‘the never ending blusher’. 



Well would you look at that, we have some major usage going on. To be fair though I do enjoy using this blush from theBalm so I’m not in too much of a hurry rouse it up. 

So there we are some actual progress on my Project 10 pan. I’ve decided I’m going to give this until Christmas to finish up as I’m getting a tad bored of using the same products.

If you also doing a panning project of any kind leave you links below and I will check yours out. 

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Project 10 Pan Update – 6 week update

I’m going to try and keep this brief as there is only so much you can say about a project 10 pan without boring people. It’s been six weeks since I started, so let’s see the progress I have made so far.  

I’ve finished 3 products so far yay me! The concealer and wipes I’m glad to see the back of, I can’t lie. Erase paste is not my favourite undereye concealer and I hate face wipes, these were in last years big christmas box though so not really my choice. 

The Rimmel BB cream I’m missing, I loved this BB cream. If you want to see I full review of this you can do so here

So yellow concealer there is more pan showing so visible progress, but the blush not so good. I’ve been using this every day and it looks no different How? Tell me someone How?  

Now the eyeshadow I have impressed myself with how much progress I have made. I’ve been using it on lots of non conventional ways to get through it that bit quicker. in fact I dedicated a whole blog post to this and you can read about it here.

This lipstick I’m sick off it, it’s been sat in my handbag and to be honest I’m pretending it’s not there. I shall chalk this one up as must try harder. 

This blusher I have renamed, it’s now known as the never ending blusher. It’s tiny I’ve been using it everyday yet it looks no different. On the plus side it just goes to show that The Balm blushers are pretty darn fab. 

These two I’ve marked the progress with a line as you can’t really see through the packaging. The Face mist I’ve been using loads and I’m sure I  will be done it with by the time I give you my next update. 

Progress with the illuminating primer is slow as you only need a tiny bit. Too much and you’ll end up with a white cast across your face. Not really a look I’m going for ha ha! Still it is a good primer and I’m happy to continue using it for now. 

So that’s where I’m at with my project 10 pan. If you are doing one leave your link down below I’m a nosy so and so, and would be interested in seeing how you are progressing.