My favourite Poem | #BEDM Day 12

I have something very different to what I would normally write about here on 

The prompt for today’s #BEDM post is poetry. Well I’m no poet. So instead I thought I would share with you my favourite poem. 

This poem is nearly 100 years old but it is still very powerful and has relevance with me even today. 

I was first introduced to it as part of my GCSE work almost twenty years ago. I can still quote many of the lines off by heart. 

It is a War poem written by Wilfred Owen in 1917 called Dulche et Decorum et

Yes it’s a little bit on the morbid side but every time I hear it it reminds me of how lucky I am. That neither my children or I have to live through the sort of horrors that were supposed to end ‘war to end all wars’.

Of course there are still major conflicts today, and sadly probably will be for many years to come. 

Let’s remind ourselves now how lucky those of us that live in peaceful communities are and how both men and women, such of as those in the poem, have sacrificed so that we can. 

Dulche et Decorum et

Bent double, like old beggars under sacks, 

Knock-kneed, coughing like hags, we cursed through sludge, 

Till on the haunting flares we turned our backs,

And towards our distant rest began to trudge. 

Men marched asleep. Many had lost their boots, 

But limped on, blood-shod. All went lame; all blind; 

Drunk with fatigue; deaf even to the hoots 

Of gas-shells dropping softly behind. 
Gas! GAS! Quick, boys!—An ecstasy of fumbling 

Fitting the clumsy helmets just in time, 

But someone still was yelling out and stumbling 

And flound’ring like a man in fire or lime.—

Dim through the misty panes and thick green light, 

As under a green sea, I saw him drowning. 
In all my dreams before my helpless sight, 

He plunges at me, guttering, choking, drowning. 
If in some smothering dreams, you too could pace 

Behind the wagon that we flung him in, 

And watch the white eyes writhing in his face, 

His hanging face, like a devil’s sick of sin; 

If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood 

Come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, 

Obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud 

Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues,— 

My friend, you would not tell with such high zest 

To children ardent for some desperate glory, 

The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est 

Pro patria mori.

By Wilfred Owen 

Makes you think doesn’t it? 

The featured painting is titled ‘Gassed’ and it by American Artist John Singer Sargent. It was the image that accompanied the poem in my GCSE textbook. 

Bye for now, Katy x

Date Night at The Viper Beer Festival | #BEDM Day 7 

Last week was another one of those crazy weeks. It saw multiple hospital trips for the men in my life. Yes it was a bit stressful. So I’m even more thankful that hubby and I had managed to have a rare date night before all the craziness started. 

My face in this picture? I must of known what was coming! 

Our date night saw us dusting off our leathers and hopping onto the Husbands motor bike for a ride out to one of our favourite beer festivals, The May Day weekend Beer festival at The Viper, Mill Green Ingatestone. Over the weekend it showcased over 50 beers and real ales plus ciders and perriers from local breweries. 

This pub always fascinates me as it is set in the middle of woodlands yet still receives a great turnout. It’s a true English country pub. 

The Bi annual Beer Festival is always a popular event. I’m sure it helps that there is some great live music over the weekend including popular local band Breakforcover. I am a bit biased in my support for them as my father in law is the lead singer. 

They do have a very loyal fan base though with gigs always being packed out. For there latest dates follow the link above to their web page. Are you a Chelmsfordian? They are playing at the Fleece in Chelmsford on Friday 13th May. 

August bank holiday will see the the return of the beer festival at the Viper. Let’s hope it’s nice and hot! 

Bye for now, Katy x

Let’s cause Mummy worry!| Emergency Hospital Admission for DKA! 

Just when you thought managing a diabetic child’s  condition wasn’t challenge enough, the pre teen hormones kick in and it’s a bit like the poop hitting the fan. 

So this wasn’t what I had planned to write about today but as I’ve committed to blog everyday in May and Im unprepared whislt stuck in hospital with my Son I’m improvising. 

We are currently, fingers crossed, coming out the tail end of a DKA (diabetic ketoacidodis) after two stints of being placed on DKA protocol treatment. 

I have had one very sick young man on my hands and I’m not going to lie he scared me this time. Even when he was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes he wasn’t this poorly. 

Initially it was thought Harrison had a sickness bug, which in itself can cause complications but after 3 days of continued sickness and no body else becoming ill, well this couldn’t be the cause. 

No Harrison was in the early stages of DKA, the sickness was actually one of the symptoms that he was deteriorating and untreated this could have been life threatening. 

The Doctor’s suspect that due to his age and the increased hormones and growth spurts this meant his levels have been rising overnight for a prolonged period of time meaning his body wasn’t getting enough insulin. 

Instead of using insulin to absorb blood sugar for energy his body was breaking down fat. The harmful waste product of this process is ketones. 

As it stands the doctors have treated the DKA and are now working on getting his insulin dose increased to the right level. Fingers crossed it is enough and we don’t have a third day of going through the protocol again. 

Let’s hope that things will be resolved very soon. Though I think I’m in for an interesting few years of keeping on top of his control. Oh yes as well as all those other teenage challenges! Wish us luck!

Did you miss me? | A round up of life’s latest calamities!

It’s been so long since I’ve had a chance to sit down and write anything. Life has been a wee bit crazy and unexpected so my blog has had to take a back seat. Hopefully things are beginning to calm down now, pleeeese! I’ve had to do far to much ADULTing!

As I’m a bit rusty I’ve decided to ease myself back into blogging by filling you in on what’s being going on in my life. 

So here goes…This little one broke his arm at a Combat class. He did a proper job of it as well. Three hospital trips down, including an overnight stay and a visit to theatre for the arm to be manipulated back into shape…wince…things are finally starting to calm down. Time is just needeed for it to heal now, fingers crossed. 

Jed has been so brave especially considering how bad a break it was. Me I’d have cried like a baby but he didn’t once. He’s also had lots of visitors from well wishers so the house has been very busy. 

Between all that my husband and I squeezed in some time to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. On the actual day we had to cancel the plans we had to go out. So, instead we got the kids to bed, and then shared an Indian takeaway and a bottle of champagne I had won at bingo back in March. Classy! I did get to finally watch the film The Host, which for me is a treat as it is one of those rare occasions the film was my choice. 

We did actually get out yesterday for a celebratory lunch and it was worth the wait. We had a gorgeous meal at our local Jamie’s trattoria. 

Sorry I have no food shots as much to the husbands delight he was allowed to eat his food hot for a change without me rearranging the table for an impromptu photo shoot. I wonder if I can get away with that being his anniversary gift? 

We went to see my eldest perform her exam piece for her BTEC performing arts diploma. 

They performed a scaled down performance of grease which was such fun to watch. She played Jan, and did a brilliant job of it. She’s nailed the American accent. PROUD MUMMY MOMENT! 

She has been at last minute reahearsals and performing all week. Tonight is the last performance. Fortunately tomorrow is Saturday so she can have a lie in. The poor girl is shattered! She has a taste of how tiring the world of musical theatre really is. 

Again no pictures, sorry, as it’s an exam piece we weren’t allowed to take any. 

I can show you this awesome bag though that my husband bought me. It certainly matches my cheeky sense of humour. I shall be posting a full blog post about it tomorrow. 

So that’s what’s been going on in my little world. I’m off now to finish cooking the dinner. 


#MummyMonday – The one with the hide ‘n seek fail!

Yesterday was a lovely sunny Sunday, prompting us to take a family walk over the nearby woods and playing fields. All was going well, we had bought ice creams, taken customary Instagram shot and no one was squabbling. Yay happy times! 


Ice creams eaten, we went into the woods, the youngest then wanted to play a game of hide ‘n seek. Okay all sounds like a bit of harmless fun, right? Yup, that’s when it all when a bit wrong. 

Jed was going to hide first, so off he went. We could see he hadn’t gone far as Mummy and Daddy were cheating watching him in the reflection of each other’s sunglasses. My Husband had watched him go off behind some trees so we were loudly making a pretence of checking behind some of the bigger trees we knew he hadn’t gone behind, stupidly confident that we knew where he was hiding. 

Hang on a minute though, WHERE THE HELL IS HE? He was literally there a second ago but had vanished. 

Jed is 9, so he’s not a baby anymore, he is my baby though and I still struggle not to think of him as such. My baby had just vanished!

I kept saying to my husband,

“he was there, he can’t have got far”

so we carried on looking. After what felt like a very long ten minutes, but was probably only five, the panic started to set in. We literally had no clue where he was. 

Our eldest who is 14 was starting to get cranky and was unhelpfully shouting her head off. 

“Jed this isn’t funny anymore, come out”

Yes thanks for the help darling, that’s going to make him come out from his hiding place, NOT! 

At this point off we had set in various different directions (thank technology for mobile phones, no one else was going to get lost) calling his name and pleading with him to come out. Nope, still no sign of him. 

It was getting to the point my brain is starting to tell me he’s been kidnapped, yes I was really starting to panic. 

Thank god this was not the case though. 

The little Bugger can run! 

He had done a complete 180 on us and had run round the outside of the woods and across playing fields to the other entrance to the woods, Mummy and Daddy were looking in completely the wrong place.

It  was our other son, along with some school friends who found him in the end, after being dispatched to help find him. Thanks boys! 

Fortunately all was well, and Jed hadn’t even realised the panic he had caused. Mummy and Daddy though were very close to calling the police and reporting him missing. 

Just imagine that phone call! 

‘Um yes officer, we were playing hide and seek with our 9 year old, and now we’ve lost him’ 

Not my finest moment as a parent! 

At least I can see the funny side of it now. Though I’m not sure if I will agree to a game of hide ‘n seek in the woods again in a hurry. 


30 Day Flat Abs Challange – My experience 

So it’s been a while. Life has been a wee bit hectic revolving around job searches, interviews and general running around after the family. I haven’t forgotten about my blog I can assure you. Case in point, here’s my update for the #30daysflatabchallenge. 


 I have mixed views when it comes to my experience of this challenge. I didn’t finish it, so technically I failed, but I have found it beneficial. Long term readers of will know that I have had problems with my back and left hip/leg. This is where I hit a bit of a snag with the challenge. I physically could not do some of the exercises. In particular the double leg lift and criss crosses. 

Notice the similarity with the two exercises, they both involve extending the leg from the hip. My left left just kept getting stuck. I tried forcing myself through the excercises but ended it up in so much pain I couldn’t excercise at all for a couple of weeks until the nerve irritation had settled down. For me, it just isn’t worth me doing these two excercises. 

I am pleased that I was able to complete the rest of the excercises and have seen some good results. I replaced the dropped excercises with a plank which I hate doing but is really effective. I always feel that my abdominal muscles have a great work out once I have completed them. 

So my opinion of these thirty day challenges? Great if you don’t have any underlying injuries or conditions, but if you do, definitely be more cautious about trying one out. If you are lucky enough to have a personal trainer or are under a doctor speak to them about it first. They may be able to help develop a challenge that is not going to cause further injury or the wrong kind of post work out ache. 

I may not have finished the challenge but I don’t feel this has challenge been a fail for me. I have leant some new excercises that are more effective than a basic an crunch and I will continue to do those. 

Have you tried a 30 day excercise challenge before? What was your experience? 

#Mummy Monday – New Year Mummy Resolutions 

Happy new to you all!! I Hope you all had a great Christmas. 

Today most of my kids are back at school so hopefully I shall have more time for getting back to blogging. Yes I’m aware I’ve been a bit MIA. 

Put it this way, since Father Christmas visited every time I turn my back the kids have trashed the the house again with their new toys. I tidy it up to what is as near to spotless as I’m ever going to get and low and behold the little buggers do it again. Aggggghhhhh!!! 

Whilst we are on the subject of mummy issues I thought it would be a good time to share my new year mummy resolutions. I’m going to stick to them this year as well, honest!!

  1. I will not make you late for school. Yes I’m terrible at this, I am soo not a morning person. Thank God it’s winter and I can get away with rolling out of bed and shoving a bobble hat on my messy bed hair. No one needs to know I’ve barely managed to drag a brush through it before the school gates are opening.
  2. Baked beans on toast will not be passed off as dinner. Or anything else on toast for that matter! I am rather guilty of using the excuse of Daddy is on lates you don’t need a real dinner. Yes sorry you deserve more of an effort. 
  3. I promise not to dish your food up on plastic plates anymore. At 8, 12 an 14 I’m sure you can cope with a China plate. My excuse? They have been at the top of the plate pile for years and I’m too lazy to get the China ones from bellow. Ummm, may just have to hide the plastic ones. 
  4. Hunting for clean socks and pants in the morning is no longer necessary. No I’m not going to be on top of the washing, don’t be daft! I’ve bought you all new ones instead so you now have double the amount. Yes I’m one of those, no clean undies? Oh well must be time to buy some more! 
  5. I will not pinch you chocolate. Yes sorry, but sometimes my pre menstrual cravings get the better of me. In the same breath if I do I won’t blame it on daddy anymore. Ha ha, the poor man has taken the blame so many times.  

So my darling kiddies we will see how long this lasts? No longer being late for school…..umm about a week! 

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The Perils of having a ‘resting bitch face’ when your shy!

Hello, my name is Katy and I suffer from a terrible case of shyness. I also happen to have a resting Bitch face. The two combined, well they are a bit of a disaster really. 

People that know me well will probably find that statement hilarious, because once I get over that initial hurdle of breaking the ice you can’t shut me up. I’m a terrible chatterbox, to the point it has often got me in trouble. 
My best friend, confessed to me drunkenly several years ago that when we first met at college she thought I was up my own backside. Apparently I had that look about me. This ‘Resting Bitch Face’, coupled with the fact I struggled to talk to anyone other than another friend I knew from senior school already and had started the course with, meant that this was the vibe I was giving off. In reality I was desperate to make new friends but my shyness was creating a barrier. 

It was only having to do joint course work that helped to break the proverbial ice. 

This was the case also when I started my last job. I put my head down and got on with my job well but didn’t really talk to any of my colleagues. It took a long time for me to relax and be comfortable talking to them. Once again several years down the line it was confessed to me that on first meeting some of my colleagues they thought I was ‘stuck up’. 

It’s breaking the ice that is the problem. Approaching someone and making that first contact terrifies me. I can’t think of anything to say, and I’m scared of being blanked or thought of as a loon. 

At the school gates I stand alone waiting for my Son to come out of class. I see all the other mums laughing and chatting and wish I could be part of their little groups. 
It ridiculous I know, but now my Son is in year 4 it’s just awkward. The initial opportunity for making mum friends has passed. Instead I find myself head down avoiding looking like a complete loner by pretending I’m busy doing some thing on my phone. Lame!!

A while ago I attended a social event with my Husband that we only knew one or two people. On this occasion I actually got a bit upset. People always seem to be drawn to my Husband, and he seems to find it easy to meet new people. This was the case then. 

Me on the other hand I just felt invisible, it wasn’t so bad with him by my side as he will try to draw me in to the conversation. He can’t be there all the time though, i.e he’s going to need the boys room at some point. I will find myself stood off to stage side feeling like a moron. 

On this occasion I actually brought this up with him, questioning what was wrong with me. Why don’t people want to talk to me? 

His response?

“Well I don’t mean to sound mean but you do have a bit of a resting bitch face, and your shyness doesn’t help you” 

Oh crap!! So yes, around new people I’m socially inadequate. 

To make the situation even more laughable when it comes to social situations I have a habit then of drinking one too many to calm my nerves. The effect of this? Verbal diarrhoea!! I must annoy the hell out of people, I’m drunk though so don’t usally notice. Oh and I happen to love everyone I meet and get embarrassingly mushy. Sorry if you’ve been on the receiving end of this!! 

Starting this blog is something that I’m hoping will help break this battle with my shyness. It’s slow going though, lets just say I’m taking baby steps. 

Where possible I join in with Twitter chats, it’s easy to come up with something funny and witty to say when you can edit it first. 

I have been to a few events where there are  other bloggers I will have chatted to in blogger chats or I know have read and commented on my blog and vise versa. 

In real life though making that step to say hello at an event for the first time is terrifying. I’ve chickened out on a few occasions and probably seem like I’m blanking them. I’m not I’m just been a moron and letting my shyness get the better of me. 

That ‘resting bitch face’ doesn’t help either as it doesn’t exactly invite people in. I’m nice I promise! 

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Stop banging on about contraception!

Well….Everything about that statement is rather controversial, but hear me out on this one. 

I’m a women in my 30’s, I’m married and have three children. So I’m pretty sure I know all about the birds and the bees by now. 

Yes okay I’m of child bearing age and don’t exactly want to be having anymore children, I’ve said that in the past on here. However every time I go to the doctors for something completely unrelated I get the same old chat. 

Doctor: What contraception are you using?

Me: Errr..Condoms

Doctoe: Are you actively trying for a baby?

Me: …err nope. I wouldn’t be using the above if I was!

Doctor: What about the pill, have you considered that?

Me: I’ve tried most of them it sends me crazy.

Doctor: Have you tried the mini pill?

Me: Yes same as the above, lets describe it as irrational behaviour inducing. I can’t take the pill! 

Doctor: Really?? Have you thought about trying a coil? 

Me: Tampons irritate me there so there is no way anything else is being inserted in my private bits. (Sorry major over share). This is an actual conversation i’ve had to have with the Doctors , both male and female. Big big cringe! 

Hubby and I are happy to leave things as they are thank you. 

It’s the same scenario every time I visit the  Doctors. 

My sister is 29, I’ve brought this up with her and she has exactly the same experience. Visit for (insert ailment), lets start pushing contraception on you. 

Why is this? Is it because of our age? Are they on commission? Is there some box they have to tick on their computer saying they have discussed this? 

Whatever it is it drives me insane, if I wanted to discuss contraception with you Doctor I’d have brought it up already. 

I get that unwanted pregnancies are serious, but I’m not a teenager anymore I don’t need constantly reminding to be careful. 

I’m also not sleeping around with random men, besides even if I was my old fashioned condom method has that covered anyway. 

I want to know whether this is the norm for everywomen or whether it’s because I’m on certain medications. 

Either way it is not only annoying but can be really embarrassing. 

Do you experience this when you visit your Doctor? Does it bother you? 

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Why we should be Celebrating those small achievements 

Yesterday I hit a goal that I have been working to for what seems like  a very long time now. To some this achievement may seem very minor but to me it was big. I managed to run on a treadmill for ten minutes consistently without taking a break.

Now I know to some people ten minutes, approximate distance 1.75k at my place, this is a very small achievement but I have have had to work very hard to achieve this.

Why? This time last year I couldn’t walk without the use of crutches. I had a twisted pelvis that was causing a curve in my spine and also trapping the nerve that runs down the front of my leg. Walking was excruciatingly painful and very slow I was not running anywhere.


Things had gotten so bad I had to leave my job as I had exhausted my allowed sick leave. Working as coffee barista on crutches just was not an option. I was at a point in my life where I felt I had hit rock bottom, even though I actually hated that job!

I’m not going to lie, for a while I felt very sorry for myself and was wallowing in self pity. My life felt like it was completely on hold and I was angry at how unfair it seemed.  I wasn’t someone that you would want to be around at that time.

Something happened in my life though that changed that, I can’t even say what exactly but a light switched on and I was ready to start clawing by life back. I didn’t want to be that person.

I was lucky to be put on a pain management program that involved alternative therapies such as acupuncture and ultrasound massage. This got me to a point that I was ready to begin physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

The process has been very long and I have had to take baby steps on my road to recovery. At times I would be in so much pain I didn’t want to do my exercises, other times I would push it too far only to cause more problems and regress.

The whole process has been a huge learning curve. I have always been someone that hates to ask for help, or listen to advice for that matter. In this though I had to a) listen to medical advice and b) accept help when needed.

What I have learnt is how to listen to my body and what it needs. This had meant eating properly and allowing myself to put weight on.

What’s that saying? “Strong not Skinny”

This is my mantra now. Meaning focus is on eating well, and training to increase my bodies strength.

So yes this may seem like a small achievement to some, but to me it has been a big one. I chose to announce that achievement to all and sundry on Facebook as I was so proud of myself. I actually got a bit emosh when I finally achieved it, as I had fought so hard for it.

My goal may have been small but it’s one I’m celebrating. Why? Well it feels good and I’m discovering that positivity is catching. The more positive my outlook on life the more positive people are towards me.

So I say celebrate those achievements no matter how small or insignificant you think they might be. That little goal is just another step further towards achieving something big. If you’ve worked hard for it it deserves a celebration.

What has been your big or little achievement of late that you are proud of?

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