What a croc! | WTF is wrong with my dress?

So apparently this dress is an outfit provocative enough to invite some complete random 40 something year old man to comment on the length of my skirt. Oh and mustn’t forgot this little tit bit, I’m embarrassing him in front of his son. 

Yes you heard my right! 

What the actual Fuck!

Picture the scene I’m in my local Co-op, at approximately 7.30 in the evening. It’s been a hot day but now it’s pissing it down with rain and I’m actually wearing my raincoat over the top.

I’m minding my own business and have just dashed in to grab milk and bread ready for the morning. 

Queue the comments from some complete imbecile.

“Love I think your spilt in your skirt is too short, your embarrassing me in front of my son” – (his Son was about 12 or 13?)

To which my immediate response was  

“Well, I think your being rude” 

Probably should have just ignored him, but he pissed me off!

Anyway I carried on with my shopping, trying to drag out the shopping as I didn’t want to have to stand behind him in the queue. 

No such luck, he was taking his time trying to flirt with the girl on the till. Bugger! 

I’m doing that thing where you try to avoid eye contact by looking everywhere but in his direction. I’m cool honest, yes he’s annoyed me but I’m a bigger person. 

Noooooo! He turns round and wants to carry on about my skirt. At this point I saw RED! Oh dear! Yes I lost it! 

Now I would just like to clarify I may have raised my voice, but I 100% did not swear. He got a telling off though. 

Initially he tried to say I was reacting because I didn’t like his son? Hmmm why would I have a problem with his Son?

‘Nope I have a problem with your behaviour, not your son’

Then he tried to say that I’d had a bad day and was taking it out on him.

‘Nope, your being rude, offensive, sexist, disgusting and setting a bad example to your son’ 

In the end he did apologise making some excuse that he’d been on the beers and didn’t usually go around offending women. It was a joke?? 

Uggh! Regardless if he thought he was being funny, he wasn’t. 

In hind sight he was just being a drunken tit and showing off in front of his Son. 

This actually is what pissed me off though. What sort of lesson is he teaching his son when it comes for having respect for and how properly to treat women? A bad one!

I sincerely hope that there is a strong women in that little lads life teaching him otherwise. 

I thought we had got past men making sexist offensive comments to women going about their day. No apparently not, there’s still a few idiots out there. I’ve just met my local one. 

So rant over, that was therapeutic, I’ve actually calmed down now. 

Oh and FYI there is no ‘split’ in my skirt.  

Till next time….