Book Review | The Longest Holiday by Paige Toon

Already I am one week into my summer reading challenge. Oh and guess what? I’ve finished my first book The Longest Holiday by Paige Toon. As promised then here is my attempt at a legit book review. 

The Longest Holiday is primarily set in the sunny Florida Keys. Newly wed Laura is seeking solace from her recent troubles. Her new husband Mathew made just one mistake prior to their big day but the consequences of it are huge. 
Laura’s time in the Florida Keys is meant to be a carefree holiday to give time for Laura to gather her thoughts before deciding on the future of her marriage. 

Laura then meets Leo the dark and brooding scuba diver, who has his own troubled past. Supprised and confused by her intense attraction towards Leo and the welcome distraction he provides from her troubles Laura doesn’t want to leave the Florida Keys. 

 That’s as much as I’m saying as I don’t want to ruin the story for anyone that hasn’t read it. 

I absolutely loved reading this book and was actually sad to have to say good bye to the characters at the end. I am a bit of a Paige Toon fan girl so my opinion could be considered a little bias. 

Biased opinion or not my love for this book is well earned. Paige has a talent for drawing you into her characters minds so you are absorbed by the intensity of their  emotions. I sometimes felt that I was actually in Laura’s headspace. 

I also love how there is often a link between the main character of a new story with those featured in previous Paige Toon novels. Laura was the girlfriend of Formula 1 racing driver Will Trust who features in Chaising Daisy

This is not your average straight forward chick-lit romance. The story is intelligently written with a good balance of confronting confused emotions with laid back escapism. 

If you haven’t read a Paige Toon novel before do it soon as you are missing out. 

Next weeks review is Bridget Jones Mad about the boy by Helen Fielding.