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Gousto – The subscription service for busy foodies!

Well Hello! It’s been a while… Life got busy again! There never seems to enough hours in the day to do everything I’ve planned. Let’s be real here…I’m not the sort of girl to give up her sleep in favour of ticking something else off that never ending ‘to-do-list’. I am interested in anything that is going to save me time though. That’s why I decided to try out some recipe box services. The first Box I tried is Gousto box, and…… I am ridiculously impressed. Where has this been all my life? 

If you haven’t heard of Gousto box this is how it works. First up you sign up to a subscription service deciding whether you want a box for two or four people. Then you choose how many meals you want (up to four) when, and how often you want your meals delivered. Lastly you pick from a great selection of recipes and they send you everything you need straight to your front door. Simple!

My biggest concern about using this type of service was freshness. What happens if I’m not home? How does the raw meet keep from going bad throughout the delivery process? 

I was pleased to see that anything that needs to keep cool was packed into a wool cool biodegradable cool bag complete with Ice blocks. Everything was still cold so my concerns about the food spoiling was unnecessary.

The Ingredients themselves are all very fresh and of high quality. Where possible the items are delivered naked so packaging is kept to a minimum. How good does all that fresh food look? 

So far everything we have tried has been very tasty. Even my fussy youngest liked everything. The recipe cards are easy to follow and I love that everything is pre measured out for you. 

We are a family of five so ordered the four person box. The portion sizes are generous though so we have been able to stretch the meals to feed us all. Gousto do say on their website that they are adult portions and that a child wouldn’t necessarily require a full portion. 

Gousto box hasn’t removed the ‘having to cook’ element from my day, but it has completely simplified the process. No longer to I have to spend ages searching for interesting meals, making shopping lists and trying to source different ingredients. 

I have a diabetic son who has to carb count. This can often be tricky when cooking from scratch. All the nutritional information is listed on the recipe cards so this was actually really easy to work out. Another big time saver! 

The price of a Gousto box is structured depending on how many people you are ordering for And how many meals you choose. For us it works out as £47.75 which breaks down to £2.98 a portion. 

When you factor in the price of quality meat, 1 off ingredients, fuel costs, time saved and the removal of the ‘I can’t be bothered’ impulse take-away I feel that’s not a bad deal. 

If you wanted to try out Gousto for yourself this Link will get you your first two boxes half price. In the. Interest of disclosure I would also receive £15 credit to use on the website. 

For now I’ll leave you with some pictures of some of the tasty meals we have been enjoying. 

Nude by Nature Perfecting Concealer 

I’m always on the look out for a good Concealer. To be quite frank when it comes to Concealer I’m hard to please. 

I want something that provides high coverage, blends easily, doesn’t cake and  stays put, all without clogging my pores and aggravating any breakouts. Oh and I almost left out non creasing. 

As part of Feelunique’s pick & mix service I recently tried out this Concealer from Australian brand Nude by Nature. Though it’s not perfect, it does come very close. 

Nude by Nature produce Mineral Makeup using Australian native ingredients.The products do not contain any synthetic ingredients or preservatives, and are 100 % Cruelty Free and PETA certified 

The combination of ingredients offer Makeup with skincare benefits. 

Key Ingredients includes;

Kakadu Plum – An anti-oxidant and natural source of highly concentrated Vitamin C.

Ceramic Extract – Provides anti inflammation and hydration.

Avocado oil – Moisturisers, repairs and protects.

Jojoba Oil – An anti-oxidant and helps to restore skin elasticity.

Kaolin Clay – Purifys and helps to remove toxins. 

Shea Butter – Provides an intense hit of moisturisation. 

The packaging is Gorgeous. It looks and feels luxury with its rose gold caps and lids. 
I have tried this out as both an under eye and spot covering Concealer. 

The formula is very creamy and feels hydrating. As an under eye concealer it works great. It blends well and doesn’t crease or settle in fine lines. I like to use the pointed end of a beauty blender to tap it on.    With setting spray it lasts well enough throughout a full 8 hour shift at work. 

I found that it covered skin discolouration and imperfections well but didn’t fully cover major spots. A key pro for me though is that it didn’t aggravate or make spots any worse. 

As Concealers go this is teetering towards the more expensive end of the spectrum with an RRp of £20. Feelunique are currently selling it with 20% off at £16 

At this price I am definitely tempted to purchase a full size of this concealer. Fortunately for now I do have a second sample of this concealer that I am currently using. 

Brand Focus | Exuviance Skincare

Today I thought I would share with you one of my favourite skincare brands. US skincare brand Exuviance has been scientifically developed by renowned dermatologists Drs Van Scott and Yu. They are the creators and patent holder of the first gylcolic peel. 

The brand offers Salon quality skincare, using clinically proven ingredients, that you can access in your own home as part of your daily skincare regime. 

There are specific ranges available for different skincare needs including dry and sensitive skin, oily and acne prone skin and age reverse. As well as targeted treatments and makeup and skincare hybrids. 

I sometimes find it difficult to know what skincare products are suitable for my skin type.  I have had my fair share of skincare fail horror stories. Thankfully Exuviance has this covered. The Patient Condition checklist area of Exuviance’s website is very helpful as it matches products to specific skin concerns, helping you choose the right product for you. 

I have had the opportunity to try out a variety of products as I was gifted these at various blog events. Here’s a little run down of the products I’ve tried. 

£35 age reverse eye contour 

I was absolutely gutted when I ran out of this eye cream. I will most definitely be purchasing it in the future. (I’m just using up the other ones I have first).

I was starting to see fine crows feet before using this but they have virtually disappeared. Not a bad look for someone in their mid thirties.

Don’t expect instant overnight results, but with prolonged use and a little bit if patience you can see great results. 

free shipping Skinoracle.com

£23.39 gentle cleansing cream 

This is such a lovely cleanser. Every time I use it, it feels like a treat for my skin. The milky cleanser feels super gentle yet still provides effective cleansing. 

You can use this cleanser in two ways. Either as a classic cream makeup remover that you would massage in and tissue it off or use with water to increase the creaminess of it and achieve a deeper cleanse. 

I use this as part of my morning skincare routine. I love that I still get a true clean feeling without stripping my skin of moisture. The knock on effect of this has been far less breakouts. (Previously I had been told by a dermatologist that dehydrated skin was the cause of my breakouts). 

£20.89 purifying clay masque 

This clay mask has quite a tingling feeling on the skin. I would describe it as similar to the feeling you would get if you put toothpaste on a spot but the difference is it doesn’t dry your skin out. 

This mask really does work hard to lift and extract the dirt from you pores. Do be prepared to see the odd breakout post use. These minor pimples cleared up superfast though so are literally the dirt being lifted to the surface. Sounds gross I know, but effective! 

I am yet to come across an Exuviance product that has disappointed me. It is truly great skincare that gets better the more you use it. 

I would love to try out more of their products in the future. Let me know if you have tried any of Exuviance’s other products. I’m always up for recommendations.

Beauty Blenders | Splurge, Spend or Steal? 

When it was first released The Original Beauty Blender caused quite the the stir on the beauty scene.  Developed by celebrity makeup artist Rea Ann Silva It revolutionised the way many of us beauty fans  applied our makeup. 

Priced at £16 it definitely falls into the investment purchase bracket. That will be why everyone and their mama has since launched their own budget ‘dupes’. 

In the interest of research I decided to test out some of these ‘dupes’ and see how they compare to the Original. 

I’ve always loved splurge, spend or steal posts so thought heck, lets base my comparison around this format. 

Well…. Can a cheaper Beauty Blender hold its own against the Original?  

Packaging and Appearance 

When comparing to the original it is very easy to spot the dupes. Packaging is very basic. Once outside of their packaging though they are all very similar but with some variation on shape. 

Pictured from left to right.

The Original Beauty Blender retails for £16 from Beauty Bay

Avon’s offering, the precision makeup sponge, retails from between £3.50 & £6.50 depending on their current offers. 

Primarks 2 pack of blender sponges retails for a mere £1.50 


The original beauty blender is latex free and so is Avon’s sponge. Avon’s website describes it has a latex free PU sponge. Primarks sponge contains latex, so not good if you have an allergy. 


Avon’s offering is closest in feel and texture to the original. Something about it is off though, it just doesn’t feel as smooth. 

Primarks version feels very dense in comparison and doesn’t feel anywhere near as nice as the original. 

Reaction to Water

If you are familiar with the original beauty blender you will know that when it is held  under water it absorbs the water and expands. 

Avon’s blender does exactly this. In fact it grew a fraction bigger than the original. Primark blender doesn’t expand at all. 


To try to keep a fair test I used the same primer and foundation with each blender. This was Smashbox photo finish primer and Loreal Infallible foundation. I also tried to stick to just using 3 pumps of foundation. 

Pictured left to right

The original blender by far gives the best and most even coverage. I feel my foundation looks very natural a flawless in this picture. 

Avon’s blender absorbed more foundation than the original so gave a less even coverage. It also makes an odd hollow sound when you tap it against you face. This im guessing is because the sponges fibres are less compacted and smooth and would be why it absorbs more foundation.

Primarks blender I found quite hard and uncomfortable on the skin. I had to work much harder with it as it seemed to move the foundation around my face rather than blend it in. This is especially noticeable around my eyes. 

Ease of cleaning 

All three blenders actually performed fairly equal in terms of getting them clean. They have all stained a small amount.

My Verdict – You get what you pay for! 

Primark’s offering as far as I’m concerned is a complete dud. I don’t like it. It doesn’t perform the same as the Original and actually felt a bit uncomfortable to use. As far as I’m concerned this is being passed onto the kids as a painting sponge! 

I was plesenty surprised by how well the Avon sponge performed. If you have never tried the Original Beauty Blender because perhaps you feel that £16 for the original is too expensive then this is a very good dupe. 

If you like the original beauty blender and want to save you self a good £10 then Avon’s sponge is definitely a good buy. I don’t think you would be disappointed. 

Thanks for stopping by and checking out SchoolRunBeauty.com.

Product Review | Xen-Tan Fresh Tanning Mouse 

I don’t know about you but I am so ready for summer now. I’m desperate to put away the winter jacket and get into my shorts and floaty dresses. One thing I’m not ready to do is expose my milk bottle legs. Yay for fake tanning products then! 

It was definitely time to shop my stash and dig out my sample of Xen-Tan Fresh Tanning Mouse rrp £33.99 for 236ml. Yes that’s pricey but I’ve done some digging and found that Justmylook.co.uk currently have this on offer for £17.99. That’s is by far the cheapest I have seen it available for. 
This celebrity favourite tanning brand has won numerous beauty awards including from the likes of Harpers Bazaar and Elle Beauty. 

The brand was developed by US tan enthusiast Dera Enochson after she found the already available tanning products were not fulfilling her desire to achieve that much coveted natural looking olive skinned tan. 

Xen-Tans lightweight foaming mouse claims to provide a buildable natural looking tan whilst also providing antioxidant, cellular protection and moisturising skincare benefits from a range non toxic ingredients including Green tea, Aloe Vera, Ginko Biloba and Vitamins D and E. So how does it perform? 

I certainly found this easy to apply. I used a tanning mitt which I found helped to blend the formula evenly into my skin. 

It dries down very quickly so I was able to get dressed after about five minutes. I didn’t experience any product transfer onto my clothing. 

This isn’t an instant tan, the colour develops   over time. You are advised not to have any contact with water for at least three hours after application.


  • No horrible smell. It is supposed to be grapefruit scented though I feel it has a cocoa type smell to it. 
  • Easy to apply. 
  • Can use on face.
  • Added skincare benefits.
  • Doesn’t leave dark looking pores. 
  • No staining. 


  • Does feel a little bit sticky. 
  • No guide colour.

Below is a before and after shot after using 1 layer of application and allowing to develop for several hours. The difference is very subtle. Where I do notice the the tan the most is on my shins. They are very white in the first picture. 

    I am happy with this level of tan for everyday wear. It is very natural looking and certainly doesn’t have that fake orange look to it. Zen-Tan do advise applying a second layer for a darker tan. 

    I found this a really easy to use product. My only negative is the lack of guide colour to ease application. I did miss a patch on my foot, whoops! Good job a shoe will be covering that! 

    If you have any recommendations for easy to apply fake tans do let me know as I’m always open to trying out new ones. 

    My Weekly DIY Facial Routine 

    One of my favourite indulgences is to have a facial. Now I can neither afford to do this on a weekly basis or have the time for that matter. I do like to give myself a bit of a DIY facial once a week though. If you want to know my routine and the products I use then carry on reading…

    The Double Cleanse 

    I like to use a cleansing oil to break down any makeup I might be wearing. I am currently using the Sanctuary Spa Ultimate Cleansing Oil £12 When massaged in with water this turns into a lovely milky constistency. 

    I then like to follow with Bioderma Sebium Miceller water from £5.10, to remove any last residue. 


    I’m not the worlds biggest fan of exfoliating. This is because I usually end up feeling like my skin has been over stimulated and have some kind of reaction. Exfoliating is important though as it stimulates and speeds up cell renewal. 

    At a recent facial appointment I was recommended Decleor Phytopeel £28. 

    Rather than containing abrasive exfoliating particles this exfoliating cream contains lemon, marjoram lavender and thyme essential oils to provide a much gentler form of exfoliation. 

    Facemask Time

    My current facemask of choice is Origins Out of Trouble Mask, £24. I might be in my mid-thirties but I still have problems with frequent break outs. This helps to combat that and calm the inevitable redness. 

    I have written a full review previously, you can check that out here.


    Once I’ve removed my mask I like to follow with a natural toner. This makes sure I’ve removed every last drop of mask and also helps to prime my skin ready for moisturiser. 

    My current toner of choice is Madre Labs Unscented Witch Hazel Toner, from £1.61. 

    This is a really cheap toner that is worth picking up from iherb.com. 


    I think of serum as an intense hit of superfood for my skin. In the past I have been told that my skin is dehydrated so I opt for a serum designed to maximise hydration. 

    Clarins new Hydra-Essentiel range is perfect for this. The Intensive Moisture Quenching bi-phase serum  £44 has had a dramatic impact on my skin since I started using it. 


    If I am giving myself a DIY facial I tend to do this in the evening. It makes sense for me to use an Intensive night cream at this step. I am currently using The Body Shop Oils Of Life Sleeping Cream £29. 

    This feels very luxurious and indulgent on the skin and I do feel my skin is looking and feeling plumper Since I started using it. 


    The skin around the eyes is a lot thinner and much more delicate. I always use specifically targeted products for this area. 

    I am currently using Exuviance Age Reverse Eye Contour £41.

    Now this is very pricey in my opinion but I was lucky to be gifted this at a blog event last September. I am still working through the same bottle so it does last a long time. 
    It was explained to me at the time that with Exuviance products the effect isn’t instant, the benefits are seen over a period of time (I’m talking months). Six months in I am definitely seeing the results. There are no lines around my eyes whatsoever! Big claim I know….

    So I know that sounds like rather a complicated skin care regime. Do bear in mind that this is my once a week DIY facial. On a daily basis I’m too lazy to double cleanse and if I exfoliated everyday I’d have no skin left. Using a good nightcream and eye cream though are a daily essential for me. 

    Anne Semonin Express Radiance Eye Cubes | Product Review 

    Today I have for you a product review. I’ve been having a play around with the Anne Semonin express radiance eye cubes. Some might say that this product is an expensive gimmick, I however quite like them. 

    My misspent youth saw me have one too many late nights and regularly falling asleep drunk with my eye make up on? Yep I was a bit of a bad girl! 

    Meanwhile my partner in crime bestie, no matter how drunk she was, would always remove her makeup. She has always had better skin than me. Hmmm….I wonder why that is? 

    Eventually her good example did rub off on me. That and being freaked out by a story once told to me by a makeup artist.  Apparently every time you go to bed with your makeup on it ages you by 10 days. Bugger! 

    Yes so I’m a changed women and and religiously remove my makeup of an evening, followed by a good cleanse and moisturise. 

    Here’s the thing though…. very occasionally I revert back to that bad girl of my youth. Usually this is when I may have had one to many and had to put to bed by the husband. Yes the poor man has seen me in a few states. Trouble is now in my mid thirties that bad behaviour will show on my face the next morning. I end up looking a swollen puffy hot mess! Thank good for these stashed in my freezer then. 

    Here is what the brand has to say about them; 

    Anne Semonin’s Express Radiance Eye Cubes are perfect for soothing stressed, irritated eyes whilst firming and nourishing the delicate eye area.
    These little ice cubes are made using  Marine Spring Water & Hyaluronic Acid to help provide hydration & condition the delicate eye area.  Ginkgo Biloba helps stimulate micro-circulation and Gourd Extract alleviates inflammation and puffiness. Bioflavonoids dramatically improve the appearance of dreaded dark circles so eyes instantly appear brighter, tighter & well rested.

    I keep my ice cubes stored in the freezer so that the are good to go when I need one. Each cube is  in individually sealed in a capsule to keep them hygienic. Once removed from the capsule you pop it into the little bag provided and press this under each eye till it has melted. Im guessing the bag is to protect yourself from accidentally giving yourself an ice burn. 

    This does feel very refreshing, especially if your eyes are feeling sore and tired. 

    Now I’m not going to lie. At £45 for 6 that is an expensive price to pay for being naughty. These are for emergency use only! 

    Expense aside, If you look at my before and after pictures these do work wonders. Yes I got away with my bad behaviour on this occasion didn’t I! 

    As these are so expensive I am going to have a little experiment to see if I can make my own. If I’m successful I will share a little DIY 

    Have you any tips for getting rid of puffy bags? 

    Do share in the comment section. 

    Can gold toothpaste give you a Hollywood smile? | My Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Gold Trial 

    I’m one of those naughty people that will insist on doing all those things the dentist will tell you not to. 

    I drink tea and coffee by the bucket load and will partake in more than the odd glass of red wine. I also hate Diet Coke so will always opt for the sugary version. 

    In all honesty I don’t deserve a gleaming set of pearly white knashers. That doesn’t stop me wanting them though. Alas I am a bit of a sucker for any dental product that will claim to do just that for me. Consequently over the years I’ve tried my fair share of whitening toothpastes and bleaching strips. 

    The later I can not get along with, they make me gag, so I now steer clear of them. 

    I still haven’t  come across ‘the’ miracle toothpaste, they either taste vile, make my teeth feel sensitive or don’t actually perform that well.

    Like a moth to the flame though my interest was peaked when I was offered the chance to try out Beverly Hills Formula’s  new Perfect White Gold toothpaste. 

    Why? Well for a start it contains a very unique ingredient, real gold particles. 

    Now that is one I definitely haven’t tried before! 

    Intrigued by the science behind why Gold was an ingredient that would make a difference to my teeth I did a little bit of reading up on the subject. Let me tell you  some interesting facts. 

    Gold has anti bacterial properties so is great for oral hygiene and fresher smelling breath. 

    It also acts as an anti inflammatory and can increase blood flow so can help with achieving healthy gums! 
    I didn’t know that! 

    As well as containing gold particles Beverly Hills Formula has some other interesting reasons why it is better choice than other whitening toothpastes. 

    Did you know that all toothpastes contain an abrasive? This is what provides the cleaning power but actually it can be damaging to our teeth. 

    That Yellow appearance many of us Brits suffer from is actually caused by the wearing away of the tooths natural enamel.

    In other words regardless of all the other whitening products you use if you have a lack of healthy tooth enamel they aren’t going to work.

    Beverly Hills formula has been proven to be the least abrasive toothpaste, currently available on market, in independent tests. You can see results for yourself here

    Beverly Hills Formula also contains Sodium Fluoride that actually helps to repair that vitally important tooth enamel whilst preventing the teeth from decay and providing protection from acid attacks. 

    Healthy tooth enamel means the active whitening  ingredient hydrated silica can do its job, whilst Pentasodium Triphosphate prevents food settling in teeth and Tetrasodium phosphate helps to prevent tartar build up.

    So science lesson over you probably are wondering whether any of this actually works. 

    Whislt I cannot say scientifically if my tooth enamel is any healthier I can say that with three weeks of continuous usage so far that I have noticed a big difference in the appearance of my teeth. 

    They do have much less of a yellowish tinge, appear less translucent, plus I haven’t experienced any sensitivity either.  I do feel my mouth as whole, feels cleaner and fresher. 

    The toothpaste itself tastes nice, it reminds me of spearmint whopper bars. 90’s kids will know the sweets I’m talking about! 

    The verdict then…..

    I think the claims are true and I will be purchasing this toothpaste for the foreseeable future. 

    There is one issue I have though and that is this is that this is not an easy product to find stockists for. I cannot find it listed at boots or superdrug?

    The easiest option I’ve found is to purchase a double pack through this seller on Amazon.

    Priced at £10.99 including prime shipping  it’s priced fairly when compared with the RRp. 

    If you know any easier place for me to repurchase from do let me know. 

    Rave Review – Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer | #blogmas day 15

    Approximately two years ago before starting this blog I attended my very first event, as guest to my already blogging sister Ashliegh. The event was hosted by Cosmopolitan magazine and held at Illamasqua’s flagship store in Beak Street, London. Until then I hadn’t heard of the brand Illamasqua but soon became hooked. One of the products demonstrated that night was their hydra veil primer. It looked amazing but at the time I wasn’t working so couldn’t afford to purchase any at the time. Since then it has remained on my wish list. 

    You can imagine my excitement then to see this cute luxury sample size included in Decembers LookFantastic box. 

    Priced at £32 for the full 30ml size, even though I’m working now, this is still very much a luxury item for me. It is being reserved for ‘going out out makeup only’. 

    I’ve been ‘out out’ twice this past week as part of pre Christmas festivities so indulgently gave this little beauty a run for its money. Oh and boy has it been worth the wait! 

    Hydra veil is very much a hybrid product. It is part primer and part skin hydrator. 

    The main ingredients include microalgae, vitamins C and B3 that together provide hydration for the skin. 

    It has a very unique Gelly like texture that feels very cooling and refreshing on the skin. I like to apply it using a stippling brush and pat it onto my skin. 

    Once applied the skin feels super smooth and makes applying foundation so much easier. 

    This is the perfect primer for those with skin that is beginning to age. I feel this helps to stop foundation and concealer settling  into my fine lines, especially around the eye area, and gives my makeup a flawless finish. 

    I am wearing hydra veil under my makeup in the picture below and love how it looks. It stayed looking great all night even after a few too many beers. 

    I might have been an embarrassing drunken oaf in the picture below but hey my foundation was perfect still. 

    That picture does make me laugh! 

    I’m so pleased I have had the chance to try out Illamasqua Hydra Veil and even more so that it hasn’t disappointed. I shall treasure my little luxury sample size pot keeping it for special occasions. In the mean time I will have to try and save up for a full size. 

    3 Disappointing Beauty Products | #blogmas 13

    I have always been a bit reluctant to do a dedicated disappointing beauty products post as it seems a very negative thing to do and I try to keep this blog a positive space. Actually though it is just as important to share the dud products as it is the rave reviews. Not only does it demonstrate honesty but it also might save someone else from wasting their time and money on those duds. 

    So enough waffling, here are 3 products I have been very disappointed with. 

    L’OREAL Nude magique cushion foundation – 

    When this was launched at the start of the year there was a lot of hype around  this foundation. It had been a while since any drug store brand had realeased anything that could be considered innovative. L,Oreal though was ahead of the game in just doing just that with the ‘cushion foundation’. 

    Lots of high end brands have released their own version of the cushion foundation  including Mac, YSL and Lancôme. This promised to be a more purse friendly option. Though at £14.99 I still consider this to be expensive for a high street brand. 

    Having had a play around with mine for the last month I can honestly say that I don’t ‘get the hype’. I find it difficult to apply enough product with the included sponge to satisfy covering flaws and even with a setting spray it wears off really fast. 

    I know this is supposed to a very natural looking light weight finish so perhaps my coverage issue is personal preference, I do expect my foundation to stay put though.

     I also have issues with how little product you get for the price. £14.99 is at the top end of the scale for drug store foundations. It doesn’t actually say on the packaging how much product you are getting for your money, just 14.6g e. In other words no  fluid quantity and this probably includes the weight of the sponges. 

    As a consumer you are actually paying for a fancy pants packaging delivery system rather than any product. It is not good value for money. Pheww!! That turned into a bit of a rant. 

    Natural Collection Brow Gel dark brown – 

    Priced at just £1.99 I had such high hopes for this product as a budget friendly alternative to some of the more expensive brow products on offer. 

    It’s not a terrible product but it is a pain in the arse. Application wise it’s great the problem I have is it smudges like a Son of a B! When I was using my Urban Decay all nighter setting spray to set it down it was fine. Since running out of that and using the brow gel with my other options I’m experiencing major smudging again. 

    Basically It is far too much of an effort to make this product work hence its made its way to the disappointing product list. Sorry natural collection I usually love your products! 

    Avon Advance Techniques Large Barrel Brush – 

    So this is the second of these brushes I have had. The first one I sent back thinking perhaps I had just received a dud. Nope! The second brush has recently done exactly the same. Though it did last longer this time. 

    As you can see from my picture the glue securing the barrel to the handle keeps coming away. Now I’m not particularly rough with a hair brush, but I do like to pull tight when I rotate the brush so I get a sleek blow dry. I can only assume the glue is melting with the heat of my hairdryer?? However I only ever use it on a medium heat setting so why is this happening?? Im chalking this up as ‘not fit for purpose’. 

    Have you tried any of these products and experienced any issues? Maybe you love them so let me know how you make them work for you.