Lush Pot O’ gold review- great fun for both kids and grown ups!

Hi guys! So by now I’m sure you have seen the lovely limited edition goodies that Lush launched last Friday. If you haven’t then you must have been in your winter hibernation still as there has been a lot of buzz about it amongst us lush fans. Yeah sorry about that! 

Last week I was fortunate to attend the Mother’s Day and Easter bloggers launch event at my local lush store. It was a very fun evening, and we came away with some lovely goody bags to try some of the products out at home. If you want to read more about this then please check out my blog post  Here. I was so excited by the products I actually went back to the store a few days later and treated myself to some more of the Easter goodies. This led to me thinking that it would be good to do a little mini series of reveiws. You can check out my thoughts on the Immaculate Eggseption bath bomb Here. So enough rambling lets get on with today’s review.  

This little beauty is the pot o’ gold shower jelly. It’s priced at a very reasonable £3.50 and you can pick one up either from the Lush website or pop into store. 

Now I haven’t tried any of the shower jellies before so this is a competly new type of product for me.  It’s one though that I thought my boys would enjoy so I decided to let them have a play with it and see what they thought. There was a lot of giggles when we emptied the pot out, it really did wobble like jelly. 

wobbly gold jelly

We did find it a bit tricky to pull a piece of to be washing with, and kept dropping it as it is very slippery, not ideal when your in a hurry. For the boys though I think for them was part of the fun, as it provides a very tactile experience. 

The product lathers nicely with a bit of rubbing, and leaves a lovely shimmer to the skin, thanks to the fine lustre running through it. This is very subtle though so if your not a huge glitter fan then this is not to bad. 

Playing with Pot O’Gold at launch evening

We were told that this could also be used to wash your hair, I was super excited to try this out as I was hoping the lustre would make my hair a bit sparkly. I can’t say I noticed a difference really plus as I have long hair I also found it tricky to use for this purpose, it worked fine though on the boys shorter hair. 

For me the big selling point is the fragrence, this smells AMAZING! It reminds me of cinder toffee, though without being sickly sweet. It’s a very indulgent heady sort of scent. If you like The Bodyshop Honeymania, you will love this. Lush describe the fragrance as a sweet decadently scented, with orange peel decotion and fresh pineapple. 

A little bit of extra information about Pot O’Gold that I found interesting is that this is suitable for vegans. This is because the jelly is made from the slimy bit you get from seaweed. The seaweed used in this is actually collected from Poole beach, where the Lush Kitchen is situated. Clever!

Over all I would say that this is a fun product to have, particurly for kids. Its not one to be using if your in hurry though as it can be a bit tricky to work with. The smell is gorgeous and it looks pretty darn good too. It’s also reasonably priced so it is not going to put a huge sent in your pocket, which is always a bonus. 

Have you tried any of Lush’s shower Jellies? What did you think?