Take 3 Beauty Samples – featuring Nars, Bell & Lush

 Here we are with another round of ‘Take 3 Beauty samples’. Each month I select some samples from my little stash to use and provide a little first impressions review. 

This month I had some pretty exciting samples to be using. They included; 

  • Nars pure radient tinted moisturiser 
  • Bell cosmetics mat & smooth make up base & mat & soft make up 
  • Lush Buche de Noel cleanser (Christmas limited edition) 

If you want to here what I thought of these product samples then keep on reading. 

 First up is the Buche de Noel fresh cleanser  £6.75 from Lush. 

This is one of those grainy cleansers that when mixed with a little water forms a cleansing paste. 

It smells lovely, kind of like marzipan really. That will be the ground almonds! 

I did find it a bit weird rubbing this into my face. I felt like I was rubbing porridge into it. Especially as you can see bits of cranberries in it. I’m not saying I didn’t like it though, it just felt strange. 

Where I did feel this product is great is that it provided a gentle daily exfoliating effect, minus any harshness. 

My sample lasted me four days, and I felt it left my skin looking nice a bright. 

I’m not going to be rushing out and purchasing this though as I’m struggling to get beyond the feeling of rubbing porridge in my face. That’s more of a personal preference thing though not a fault in the product. It does actually have 5 star reviews on the website as well do it does have some fans out there. 
Next up is the Nars pure radient tinted moisturiser £29


I was really excited to try this but oh my god, I hated it! I’m not one to be skating a product, I usually stick to just talking about products I love, but this was BAD!!

The first picture below is just the product worn on its own. My face looks like an oil slick. I appreciate that this is meant to be an illuminating product but I just look greasy. Yuck!!  

The second picture is with a bit of powder on top to calm down the shine. Okay it’s not so bad now but I’m just not a fan of anything too dewy looking. 

I’m going to chalk this one up as not for me. Sorry Nars! 

The last sample is actually a duo sachet of 2 different face products from Bell cosmetics. 

I have a few products that I love from Bell already. Particularly their BB mouse and their eye makeup removing gel, so I was expecting good things from this. 
The Mat&Smooth base was a lot thicker than I was expecting. It actually felt quite moisturising and did provide a nice smooth surface to apply the foundation. 

The Mat&Soft foundation £7.95 I would say is not completely  matte but I do like how it looks on my me. This in my opinion is a medium coverage foundation as I did have to use concealer under my eyes and on my chin.   
The lasting power of this isn’t amazing compared with the BB mouse makeup I talked about earlier from Bell so I don’t think I would purchase this. 

I recommend checking the BB mouse £6.95 if you are looking for a hypoallergenic foundation as that is better. 

Let me know what you thought of them if you have tried any of these products. Processed with Moldiv