Take that Dress into Autumn With Wingz

Do you have a favourite dress that you want to wear all year round, but isn’t always seasonally appropriate?

Of course you can opt to wear a cardigan over your dress but what if you don’t want to cover it up?

How about adding some sleeves?

Now I’m not suggesting you whip out your sewing machine, I’m certainly not that talented anyway. Nor do I have time.

No I have a much simpler option…

Let me introduce you to Wingz. I would describe Wingz as not quite a bra, not quite a top.

Pop these on under your chosen sleeveless dress and you now have a dress with sleeves that will see you into Autumn.

The option I have here are the full length fitted sleeves in Black. They are very simple fuss free option providing a casual look.

Do watch the helpful video on the Wingz website for how to put on. I did get in a bit of a tangle the first time. Don’t ask! It was one of those should have read the Instructions first moments. Once on though they are comfortable to wear.

My Wingz definitely fall into the wardrobe basics category. However there are many dressier options available in fitted lace, floaty chiffon, flared sleeves interesting prints, and bright colours.

Not only are Wingz a good transitional solution to have on hand in a capsule wardrobe but they are also an ideal solution if you are not comfortable having your arms out.

Wingz are small enough to carry in a day bag as an instant cover up if you find yourself catching a bit too much sun but don’t want an extra layer. Fellow fair skinned ladies will appreciate this.

The black full fitted sleeve option is priced at £16.99. Prices range from £9.99 up to £45.

Do you think these are a good idea? What type of Wingz would you choose?

5 things to consider when looking for the perfect pair of Jeans

Hands up if you find it a bit of a chore buying new jeans. 

I went for years wondering why my jeans never looked quite right. I was guilty of buying my jeans a size to large and wondering why they would suddenly go all baggy. I’d be constantly having to pull them up and never felt quite put together. 

I can’t quite remember who set me right. I may have been watching a style segment on This Morning, it might have been Lorraine? The point is I had a light bulb moment and I haven’t got it wrong since. 

I work in fashion retail and so many times I see ladies making the same mistakes that I used to. That is why I’ve decided to share some tips so that you don’t make those same mistakes. 

This first point is crucial and really is a game changer.

A good fitting jean shouldn’t be easy to put on. 

They may even take a bit of wiggling to get into. That perfect fitting jean should feel snug yet comfortable. I’m not talking so tight you can’t eat or move in them but remember that denim stretches with wear. Your jeans will loosen and not feel so tight after a couple of wears. If your jeans don’t feel snug when you buy them they are too big.

    Think about fabric. How is the denim itself  constructed? You will get a better fit with jeans that have multi directional stretch. A weightier denim is also more flattering as it will minimise the appearance of any lumps, bumps and VPL’s. 

      NEXT figure jeans are a firm favourite with me as  the denim is very stretchy yet feels thick and holds its shape well. They are a great price at £35 as well. Ever the budget fashion fan I do tend to regularly trawl the clearance section of their website in the hope of finding them on sale. 

      Next figure skinny jeans £35

      Know your waist measurement. A lot of jean brands are sized this way rather than by dress size. This will save you a lot of time and confusion when looking for your size. 

        Consider footwear
         are you intending to wear heels or flats? Take your shoes along along with you to try on. How many times have you got home with what you thought was the right length only to find you were wrong? It’s annoying isn’t it. That boot leg that is actually too short does not want to work well with your heels!  

          Experiment with the cut

          Let’s face it not all of us are shaped the same. I have chubby knees that twist skinny jeans the wrong way. Yes it’s a thing! 

            If like me your not comfortable in skinny jeans but really want a sleek silhouette consider a straight leg jean. 

            If you tend to be a bit hip and thigh heavy try a girlfriend fit jean as it can be much more flattering. The fit is not as casual and loose as the boyfriend fit and still looks smart. It just gives extra room for those curvier hips and thighs.

            Boden Cavendish Girlfriend fit Jean from £26
            This Jean is perfect to me as it is also high waisted so great if you are worried about your tummy. A high rise waist will give you some extra control. Fellow Mummy’s will know exactly what I’m talking about. 
            That higher waistband will also guarantee avoiding any unplanned flashing of your underwear! 

            Lastly don’t be afraid to roll up your jeans. Ankle grazers are super flattering and instantly make a simple jeans  and t-shirt combo look that bit more stylish. 

            3 great online stores to shop for budget fashion 

            What do you do if you love clothes but don’t have an endless shopping budget?…..You get a bit savvy with you shopping that’s what! Having found some great places to shop for clothes that are not only cheap but stylish I thought I would share them with you guys. 

            Next Clearance – You don’t have to wait until the sales to find a great deal from Next. The clearance section on their website always has some amazing items on offer. 
            This is a great place to pick up jeans, swimwear and footwear, especially If you are like me and are a half size. 

            You can also make use of Nexts free click and collect service saving on shipping fees. 

            BlackBetty.com is an overstock website. A lot of the items can be out of season but it is worth having a good look through as you can find some real gems. Postage is very reasonable and worked out per item so you don’t have to buy loads. I often just order one item at a time. 
            Do be prepared to wait a couple of weeks for your delivery though as delivery is slow.   

            This jumpsuit was cost me just £6 including postage, it is super comfy and more stylish than shlepping in tracksuit bottoms on casual days off.

            This blue midi skirt was also just £6 including postage. I’m absolutely in love with it and have convinced myself that I’m just like Belle when I wear it. 

            Everything5pounds.com is another fab place to pick up some really fab outfits without breaking the bank. Absolutely everything on the website is £5. You do have to act fast though as the best items sell through very quickly. 

            A lot of the items are ex-high street though you don’t know which brands until you receive you items. I have had clothes in the past from Topshop, Newlook and C&A. 

            I find this a particularly good place to buy shoes. Postage starts from £3.95 and is usually based on a combination of weight and quantity. 

            Shipping is usually very quick. 

            The trousers below were a purchase from a couple of months back and are ex-Topshop 

            These boots from Everything5pounds are one of my favourite purchases. I always receive compliments when I wear them. They are such good quality considering how little they cost. Alas now it’s warmer I have had to put them away for the winter (they have a warm fleece lining). 

            What are you favourite places to shop for budget fashion? Do share in the comments section.

            1 Dress, so many ways to wear| Project 333

            A couple of weeks ago I talked about my latest mad idea to drastically downsize my wardrobe by embarking on my own little project 333 journey. You can read more about what that actually is this blog post here

            I am roughly 1 month in to the project and can honestly say this has been one of the most freeing things I have ever done. I am appreciating the items of clothing that I have in my wardrobe and actually enjoying the challenge of mixing and matching to create different looks with the same few clothes. 

            One of my most worn pieces is this very basic dress from Joules. I love how versatile it is and the fact that I can create some very different looks with it. 

            As it is such a simple shape the dress works well layered with different  jumpers giving it the appearance off a skirt. 

            By simply switching out the jumper I wear I can achieve an entirely different look. 

            Worn with a leather jacket and long boots this dress doesn’t look out of place heading to the pub either. 

            The dress unfortunately is no longer available in the navy colour that I have, but it is still available in two other colours. Either a Grey or a salt wash blue that would  work equally well. 

            I hope this post has given you some inspiration to get get the maximum use out of key items I your wardrobe. 

            These boots were made for walking – Animals Nevada Bootie

            Way back in July on our last visit to Newquay, Cornwall, we did a bit of shopping. My Husband treated me to these suede booties from Animal.


            As they are are faux fur lined, these where stashed away waiting patientially to be worn once Autumn arrived. Now Autumn has well and truely arrived, out came the Booties, and they have rarely been off my feet since.  

             They are so warm and cosy, have the same feel as the more expensive UGG boots, but without the need for the “UGG shuffle”. You know the one, your boots begin to loose form and are a bugger to stay upright in. Well my classic UGG cardies did that anyway! 

            Animals offering have a much firmer and more supportive sole, they are made for walking in. The quality of the suede Is also on point,  it brushes clean easily. I know because I’m a messy pup and have spilt tea in them whoops!

            So yes I’m in love with them, they look cute, are comfy and practical. That’s all my casual boot requirements covered. 


            I couldn’t  find this colour Boot on the Animal website, they do have them available in black or burgandy though priced at £45. Not to be defeated I did a google search and they are still available in a couple of sizes from Amazon  priced  at just£31.50. Bargain!! Especially as Hubby had paid full price for these. 

            Do you like a comfy boot or are you more of a killer heal kind of girl? 

            Processed with Moldiv

            OOTD – Denim & Crisp White Cotton

            There is something about crisp white cotton paired with denim that just says classically stylish. It’s a look that is very difficult to get wrong. This was a perfect choice then to wear for my kids sports day.

            Excuse the messy hair and lack of make-up in this pick, it was evening before I got a chance to get someone to take a full length shot. 


            I had seen a few crisp cotton tops with a boho feel to them on the high street. I was just yet to commit to a purchase. This one I happened to come across in a pop up charity shop. Looking like new and originally from M&S  this was a bit of a steel at £2.90.

            image (9)

            The detailing around the neckline I love, paired with some denim cut-off’s (made from a £3 gap charity shop find) this makes a comfy yet stylish outfit. The little gold coloured chains I picked up from Primark.

            This outfit called for some white pumps, this pair are from Primark again. They cost me £4. The laced effect material is so delicate and pretty.

            Primark lace epumps

            Total cost of this outfit was £12.40, not bad really. I know I will get plenty of wear out of this top.

            Payday shopping trip Part 1 – Primark Haul

            Yesterday was the start of our families pay month, which means pocket Money day yay! 

            Ok I know that’s a weird thing for a 33 year old to say but this is when that bit of money I’m allocated from the household budget, to spend on whatever I like, comes my way. So yes I am basically like an excitable child, clambering to get out and treat myself. Usually I have spent the week before hand planning what I’m going to do with it. 

            This month was no exception, I needed new gym kit. I’m spending more time in the gym now and some of my stuff really has seen better days. So I headed to Primark having seen on ITV’s this morning, a couple of weeks back, that it was pretty good stuff. This resulted in the usual thing that happens on a Primark trip, I come home with some extras. 

            So enough waffling, this is what I got;

            Grey Marl cropped leggings -£6 These are great as not only are they seam free but they also are made from a quick dry fabric. Ideal if you are sweaty Betty like me. Yep it comes with exercise! Yuck!

            Fluorescent Lime cropped top – £3.50

            I won’t be missed in this get up, it’s so bright. Not that I street run, but this would be great for someone that did.

            Lastly some Trainer liners £2.50 for 7 pairs. 

              Slightly boring but essentials, I do think the colour selection is fab though.  

            Now on to the extras, yep the bits I didn’t go in for, but bought on Impulse.

             Printed Tee – £3

              I’m loving my printed t-shirts at the moment, I actually have 2 others of this cut in different prints. Like a magpie with shiny things, the print on this one jumped out at, there was only 2 on the shelf tucked away amongst all the others, so it had to be done. 

            White mesh lace pumps – £4  


            I love these pumps, so practical yet still pretty and feminin. They will look great with denims and summery dresses. 

            Yellow gold coloured necklaces £1-£2   

            I’m loving the layered jewellery trend that is going on right now. These are so dainty and perfect for creating such a look. Obviously they are imitation gold but who cares for that price?

            Lastly, is a tiered summer dress that is just stunning. It set me back £13 but bought else wear it would easily have cost a lot more.  

             The print and contrasting colours I just love. I can’t wait for some prolonged warmer days to throw this on with some sandals and maybe a denim jacket in the evening. Tres Boho chic! 

            So that’s all I picked up in Primark, not bad considering I spent a total sum of £35. Have you done any Primark shopping posts lately? Do leave your link below, I’m a nosy bugger and would love to check it out. 

            Bye for now, Katy 🙂

            OOTD – #DPdressesthenation 

            Hi guys!

             Today’s post is a little bit of fun really, I haven’t done an OOTD in ages so this seemed the perfect excuse to. Have you seen Dorothy Perkins instacomp? Well they are asking you to share a picture of yourself on Instagram sporting your favourite DP dress, tagged with #DPdressesthenation. The prize is a years supply of dresses from Dorothy Perkins. What a cool prize!!

            This is my favourite dress at the moment, I just love the print and the fit of it. Excuse the squinty furrowed brow in the picture but it was so bright and sunny out I couldn’t stop squinting. We must of taken a about 20 pictures! Hmmm I really need to buy some new sunnies. 


            Dress – Dorothy Perkins, Belt & Tights -Primark, Boots -Very, leather jacket – French Connection. 

            Thanks for stopping by, do share your #DPdressthenation pictures below if you are entering, I’d love to see your favourite dress. 

            Bye for now, Katy 🙂 

            Have you tried JustFab? 

            Have you tried Just Fab, the online subscription service? They bring you a monthly selection of shoes, bags and other fashion items all in one place. 

            The Just Fab stylists will send you a monthly  boutique  E-letter where   you can pick you fave item and have it delivered to you at home for the fee of £35 a month. If nothing takes you fancy, or your pocket is not up to the commitment that month then you can just skip a month. 

            I had signed up to Just Fab a few months ago but was yet to commit to making a purchase. Last month though I had to opportunity to try the service for just the price of the postage. Well it would be rude not to wouldn’t it!

            I picked a great pair of low platform Sandals in preparation for the summer.  

             When they arrived I was more than pleased with my shoes. They were well packaged in a branded shoebox, which was protected in a sturdy outer carton.

             Delivery was pretty quick as well, two days to be exact. 


            The shoes themselves were actually a lot better quality than I was expecting and fit perfectly. Bonus points for offering half sizes Just Fab. 

              The only downside I can see in this service is that if you don’t tell them you want to skip a month they will debit the monthly subscription fee from your payment source. Basically you need to remember log into your account by the 4th of the month, and tell them if you want to skip a month. 

            If you do forget to cancel, then the money is held as a credit in your account to use when you are ready. 

            Put it this way I’ve put a note on my Calendar as I know I won’t want to be making a purchase every month.  

            What do you think of my new shoes? Have you tried Just Fabs service? 

            Bye for now, Katy 🙂

            A little peek into my home 

            Hi guys! 

            Today I’m going to give you a little peek inside my home. I feel my home is a reflection of my families personality. 

            Our home is a 1920’s 3 bed terrace, it’s nothing fancy, but it’s home. When we moved in it was a bit of a mess, but with some care and attention our cozy home began to emerge. 

            I know for a lot of people the kitchen is the heart of the home, however in our home it has to be our living room. My kitchen is not that big so this is the place where we gather.  


            As you can see it is a very multi functional room, we eat our meals here, the boys practice their guitars, homework is done here, games are played and we watch TV.

              If you asked my to describe my interior style, I would have great difficulty picking one. It’s very eclectic, with a mix of modern and old pieces.  


            This dining table we purchased from a family friend, I couldn’t tell you how old it is other than my nan has a very similar one. I love the spindly legs. 

            The chairs belonged to my husbands grandparents, I never met them as they died before we met one another. It’s nice though that there is a connection to them within our home. I have reupholstered the seats with some bright fabric so they now have a modern twist, mixed in with the old. 

            Usually I have flowers on the table, I had just thrown out the ones there when I took this picture, they were looking a bit sad.  These are my current ones though. 


            My favourite feature in this room has to be the fireplace. When we moved in it literally was  a hole in the wall. My husband did an amazing job of building this one. He created the hearth by tiling a a chunky piece of wood.  

            I think you can agree that he did a great job.  


            All the little nick-nacks have some kind of special meaning, be it that they are a holiday momento, or something the kids have picked up on family outings. I like to group them around photographs. 


            This large shell heart was a decor feature on our wedding day. 


            My father-in-law made this food warmer for my birthday out of bits of scrap metal. He is very talented and can turn his hand to most things. Funny though he doesn’t do wallpaper, that’s my mother-in-laws domain. 

            I have a little bit of a love for A.A Milnes, Winnie the Pooh. Let’s just say I have built a bit of a collection over the years. I have created a bit of a gallery wall to display them. My daughter is a bit of a budding artist so we have some of her work displayed here as well. 


            So there you go that’s my families living room. The only thing it’s missing though is a rug. I have been checking out Modern Rugs, they have a huge range of rugs available. I really like this cream fluffy one HERE.


             I’m sure it’s what my living room is missing. What do you think? 

            Bye for now, Katy 🙂

            P.S this post is part of a compition entry, I have not been paid for this post.