Obsessed With White Jeans

One of my favourite times of year, on the fashion calender, is when the new spring/summer collections start arriving in the shops. Now that we are approaching the end of the January sales these are starting to pop up on the high street. One particular item that has come under my radar is brilliantly white skinny jeans. Highly impractical, particularly as a mum I know, but boy do I want a pair. I shall just have to keep them for best or failing that stock up on vanish he, he.

I have spent a fair bit of time scouring various retailers on-line just to see what styles are available, prior to me taking a shopping trip and trying my favourites on. Let’s just hope I find that perfectly fitting pair. I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my favourites so far.


Ripped Leigh jeans £40 Topshop.

1969 skinny skimmer jean £49.50 Gap

High waisted skinny £24.99 Newlook

Ralph Lauren @ Asos

Well there you have it, some of the white jeans that have been catching my eye. When I find my perfect pair I will report back with an OOTD post.

What’s top of your clothing wishlist? Have you got a fab pair of white jeans, I would love to know where you got them from.

Bye for now, Katy 🙂

OOTD – The £10 Primark outfit – avoiding shopping mistakes.

Hi guys, so the title is a teeny bit of a stretch, those boots did not come from Primark. The rest of this ensemble did though.

I was having a little shop the other day and came across this checked smock dress in the sales for £5. The print I loved instantly, but I was a bit unsure about the cut, but after trying it on I decided this was a do. This is something I’m going to have to remind myself to do in future;
a) It breaks me out of my comfort zone.
b) It stops me making any hideous clothing mistakes.
c) It’s only a bargain if you actually wear purchase, not just chuck it in the back of the wardrobe. (Go on admit it, we’ve all been there).

To go with this I picked up some accessories in contrasting colours.

The burgundy soft knit tights were a steal at £2, The snood was also at £2. I had already seen on another girls blog Justalittlebitgingerthat Primark had some pretty costume Jewellery for as little as one pound. Though I thought her pick was really pretty this one matched my outfit better. I kind of wish is picked up both though, damn being sensible.


The cardigan and boots I already and and had pre-emoted that they would finish of this outfit. The boots are from Very.co.uk, I did a more detailed post about this HEREI. The cardigan is a hand me down from my sister, we do a lot of clothes and make-up swapping.

I’m very pleased with this outfit, I was bored of Jeans and jumpers, it’s been cold lately. This is a nice change and still quite warm.

Bye for now, Katy 🙂

The studded biker boot – my winter staple


These Boots have to be up there with my favourite purchases of 2014. Buying footwear is always a bit tricky for me. I love shoes, and have always been a shoe rather than a bag lady. Unfortunately I am unable to wear heels anymore, so my shoe collection has become somewhat neglected. (Damn scholiosis!) This aside I still appreciate a fab pair of shoes. Shoe shopping just takes me a bit longer.

This particular pair of boots took me a long time to find. I needed comfort but didn’t want to compromise on style. I also wanted a pair that was versatile enough to be worn with both trousers and skirts.

This is the pair I ended up with, and I am not disappointed. Let me introduce the Estelle boot by Fearne Cotton from Very.co.uk. Priced at a very reasonable £64 these are worth every penny.

(Image obtained from Very website)

For me they tick all the right boxes, when it comes to my personal requirements.

•water resistant.
•long wearing.

If you are in the market for a new pair of boots these are definitely worth checking out. My next mission is to find a dressy flat sandal, any pointers as to wear to look would be welcome.

Bye for now, Katy