5 uses for Dr Paw Paw multipurpose soothing balm

Back in July, I attended the LDNmeetup Big Blogger Expo. If you want to read more about the day you can do so here. One of the brands exhibiting was Dr Paw Paw, producers of the UK’s first paw paw based  balm.

I had used Dr Paw Paws original multi purpose balm in the past so was already familiar with the brand. As it turns out though I really wasn’t getting the most out of mine as  I had only used it as a lip balm. Hah! Yes they told me off! We had a chat about the products and they gave me some tips on how I could experience the full benefits of using the balm, plus they kindly gave me some more to try out at home.

Having had a chance to have a play with the product I thought I would share with you five ways I am now using my Dr Paw Paw multi purpose balm. 

1. Cuticle balm – just a small drop of the original balm is enough to run into my cuticles to keep them looking healthy.

2. Brow fixing gel – Nothing else on hand to tame unruly brows? Not a problem if you have a tube of the original balm in your bag. As it is a clear balm it’s ideal for on holiday by the pool. You won’t be in danger of getting any nasty running brows either!

Soothing bites and dry patches – Got an irritating bite, minor burn or dry patch of skin? Paw Paw has antibacterial and anti microbiological properties  so can help to smooth and heal.

Hair finishing serum – Got some lunchtime fly always? It’s okay you can fix them by running some balm through your hair. I was worried about it making my hair look greasy but it doesn’t.

Blusher – The tinted balms make gorgeous natural looking blushers. My favourite shade is the peach. As the tinted balms have the same formula as the original you can still use them for any emergency fixes.

As you can see this really isn’t just a ‘lip balm’ but a hugely versatile product to have on hand. Priced at just £6.95 for a generous 25ml tube it is great value for money and since it is now being stock in Superdrug it is accessible too.

How I repress my powder make-up

There’s nothing more annoying than dropping you favourite blusher. It’s one of those ‘oh crap, how bad is the damage?’ moments. No one wants their favourite blush to end up a powdery mess all over the floor do they? 

 Best case scenario, and this is providing the packaging remains closed, it’s going to have broken into a few pieces. That’s okay though, we can salvage it still by doing a little bit of DIY repressing. 

Here’s how I repress my broken powder make-up. It’s very quick and simple and I actually find it kind of fun to do. I learnt this method from watching a girl called Ammie on YouTube a few months ago. I’ve linked her video for you to watch as it works so well. 

I have even have begun to use this method to repress nearly finished products that become awkward to use. You know the ones, you’ve hit pan, and all you have left is that little bit left at the side of the pan that you brush won’t pick up. 

All you need is a cheep bottle of rubbing alcohol (I use the brand haz which is available on eBay very cheaply) , an orange stick and a cotton pad.

Step 1 – Using the orange stick, crush the remaining product into a fine powder. 

Step 2 – Measure out half a capful of rubbing alcohol. Gradually add this to your powder mixing to create a smooth paste. Spread the paste across the pan as evenly as possible.

Step 3 – Take your clean cotton pad and press this firmly on top of your smoothed out paste. The rubbing alcohol will be absorbed by the cotton pad. Repeat process until you have removed as much of the alcohol as possible. 

Ta dah! You now have your repressed and much easier to use powder product. 

Please note this method does change the formula of the original product slightly. I find though that it’s not enough to effect the performance of the product.?
If you try this out for yourself at home let me know how you get on. 

The Festival Beauty Survival Kit 

I love love love a summer music festival, I just don’t get the opportunity to go as often as I’d like. Crazy I know especially when I live in the same town that plays host to one of the countries biggest music festivals.

Still I’ve been to enough festivals and concerts over the years (V 2000 was my first) to have developed my own little beauty survival kit.

I’m talking stripped bare, only essentials allowed, nobody’s got time for carting round a huge bag. I thought given that festival season is upon us again it would be fun to share what beauty products make the cut.

Make-up I keep very basic, for various reasons.

  1. It usually rains so I don’t see the point of risking looking like a panda.
  2. Access to mirrors is limited anyway.
  3. I don’t want to risk loosing anything expensive or hard to replace.

Dead Sea Spa Magik BB cream £13.50 Holland & Barrett

This doubles as a moisturiser and provides a good level of complexion evening coverage. It also has an SPF which is essential when you know you are going to be spending all day in the sun.

Saturated Colour Multi Tasker Pencil Gingerbread – £3.50

This is such a handy little pencil. It can be used as an eyeliner, lip liner and as I’m a brunette used sparingly it works well as a brow pencil. If the shade gingerbread is to warm for you they do a lighter taupe shade called cookie dough.

Various Natural Collection products – All £1.99

The WaterGuard Mascara is very buidable and most importantly stays put. We’ve got any sudden rain showers covered, no panda eyes for me.!

The tinted lip balms are super moisturising, conveniently packaging to use straight from the tube and provide a hint of colour without the need for a mirror.

Lastly if my make-up is this minimal then I want to balance it out with some super bright nail polish. This shade of Hibiscus ticks that box and wears really well.

I got three days out of this mani before It started chipping.

The next couple of items are a convienient way of meeting those hygiene needs when your faced with a 2hr queue for a shower and stinky portaloos.

Im not a fan of face wipes. When it comes to festivals though I’m the first in line to be nabbing some. Those Face wipes are not just for your face either, nope in times of need you now have a wet flannel for those underarms, make-up remover and toilet roll. Ta dah!

A mini can of Batiste dry shampoo not only instantly freshening up your hair but Is also a great way of adding volume to it. Batiste comes in a range of pretty scents as well so is another way of combatting that dirty festival pong.

Talking of bad smells I like to keep a can of So..? Sexy in my bag. Priced from just £0.98 when on offer (which it frequently is in superdrug) this is a great inexpensive fragrance as an alternative to running the risk of losing your favourite perfume. It also doubles as an air freshener should you find yourself faced with a very stinky loo.

Last but not least don’t set foot inside a festival without some antibacterial handgel. I don’t need to explain this one!!

Is there anything you think I’m missing from my festival beauty survival kit? Let me know in the comments section.

*Post contains or samples.

Top Tips – Brush Cleaning On a Budget | #BEDM

With more and more people investing in good quality make-up brushes it is no surprise that many brands are also launching hygiene products and gadgets, to help keep those brushes clean and germ free. 

These can often come with a hefty price tag, but you don’t have to part with much money to keep your brushes in tip top shape. 

So here are my top tips for cleaning those brushes on a budget

1) Forget about  buying expensive brush shampoo, a mild baby shampoo does the job just as well as long as you are using hot water. 

2) Popular brands such as real tequniques have started launching brush cleansing palettes. These are designed to provide a textured surface to help deep clean your brushes. The Real Techniques palette will set you back £12.99. More than I want to spend!

I do see the benefit of having a tool to help with this so instead I  use a mini textured silicone face brush that cost me just £1 from Avon. I find it less fiddly than using the other alternative a brush egg. Unfortunately this exact brush is no longer for sale with Avon but a quick eBay search brings up loads of options for similar brushes at the same price. 

3) It’s better to dry your brushes upside down this way the water doesn’t gather in the brush and contribute to shedding bristles. Purchasing a holder for this is tempting though personally I can’t justify the expense at the moment. Instead I blue tack my brushes upside down to my mirror. Job done!  

Please excuse the terrible picture this was a tricky one to get. 

If you do feel you need a holder for your brushes though you can pick one up like the one pictured below for under five pounds on  eBay. 

I hope you found this helpful! Don’t forget to follow to keep upto date with the rest of my #BEDM posts!