Tutorial – Make-up tips for looking Freshfaced & Awake 

Do you sometimes wake up, look at yourself in the mirror and think, jeez I really could do with going back to bed?    You just know those dark circles will fade with some extra sleep. 

Life though isn’t going to let that happen as you’ve got to get your act to together fast and be looking bright eyed and bushy tailed ready for your busy day ahead. 

Well that is how I feel on a regular basis. All I can say is thank god there’s make-up in the world. I might not be feeling awake but I can fake it. This doesn’t have to mean looking like I’m wearing loads of make-up either. No, I have developed myself a little routine that is perfect for everyday. It’s quick and leaves me looking fresh faced, wide awake and like I’ve got my act together.  

Let me show you my little routine that takes me from this sleepy state to wide awake

Most importantly before I even begin to think about make-up I make sure I have cleansed, toned and moisturised properly. This gives me a good blank canvas to be working with. 

I like to use BB cream on an everyday basis as it provides me with a light natural looking complexion. I put this on before any concealer as otherwise the act of blending my BB cream in moves all that carefully applied concealer around my face and not where I wanted it to be. 


Next up I use a yellow concealer to color correct those dark circles. 

Why yellow? It is the opposite of purple on the colour spectrum so neutralises the discolouration. 

I like to use a small foundation brush in a patting motion rather than dragging. This ensures the concealer stays where Intended.

Top Tip: Don’t be afraid to take the concealer right into the corners of your eye and onto the  inner part of the eyelid. This area tends to be the darkest. 


As that yellow concealer can look a little bit strange I then reach for a lightweight skin toned concealer. This Wake me Up concealer by Rimmel does the job perfectly. It is so lightweight meaning that it doesn’t settle and crease in the fine lines around my eyes.  This is currently on offer in Superdrug at £4.49 instead of it’s usual £5.49. 

When applying I draw an upside down triangle under each eye. Yes I know I look like a clown, but once blended with a tapping motion it helps to reflect light upwards reducing the dark shadows further. 

Finally after going to such an effort I want it all to stay put. This is why I use an under eye setting powder. You can use a normal matte nude eyeshadow for this instead if you don’t have any setting powder. It does the job in the same way. Just use a soft fluffy brush to pat the powder across the eye socket.

The setting powder I have is from E.L.F Cosmetics. It has very fine light diffusing particles that help to reduce the appearance of any fine lines. Unfortunately there isn’t an actual E.L.F cosmetics stockist in the UK anymore, but I’ve checked and there are plenty of International E-bay sellers offering it ranging from £4.66 upwards. 

This next step is probably for me one one of the post important. I fill in my brows with a brow pencil. Groomed brows instantly lift the face and can take years off you. For me having defined my brows makes a huge differance to me looking fresh faced and put together. 

Lastly I like to use a nude eyeliner along my water line and a sweep of mascara and I’m done.

Apologies for the rubbish finished picture, I was battling fading light by this stage. 
As you can see the finished look is very natural, and fresh faced looking. If a very natural makeup look isn’t for you then carry on adding some colour cosmetics. For the purpose of this post though I’ve decided to leave it here. 

Have you any make-up tricks you like to use so that you look that bit more awake in the morning? Why not share them in the comments section below. 


Super Easy Updo – Twisted Bun Tutorial

So who doesn’t love a bun? they are quick and easy, and you can look put together in minutes.

Some times though you want some thing a bit more glam than a standard bun. This is where this multi sectioned twisted bun is great. The best thing about it is it’s easy. Yes it will take you about 5 -10 minutes to do, but it’s so worth the extra time it takes.

First up you need to put your hair into a semi high pony tail, though it really is up to you where you position this.

All you do next it take sections of hair and twist tightly from root to end. The more you twist the hair it will natural start to bend into structured twisty loop. Secure this with a Kirby grip around the base of the pony tail.

Carry on taking sections of hair, twisting and pinning, untill there is no loose hair left. Just a little tip for you, I find this easier to manage with slightly damp hair.

Once all the sections are in place set the hair with hairspray. I like to use a non areosol formula, but that’s just my personal preference.

Et voila, one simple yet intricate looking up do. The picture above is a bit messy as I did this prior to my daughter heading to bed. She likes to do this as a way of creating ringlets for school the following day. If you were doing this before heading out try to get the top of the hair looking as sleek as possible when putting the ponytail in.

Would do you think, are you a fan of a simple bun? Do you have any ways you like to up the style factor of your bun?

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