Mac ladybug – A very wearable red lip

IMG_2826A red lip is not something that I gravitate towards on a regular basis. It falls very much outside of my comfort zone and is a look I would usually reserve for dressier occasions. I think it has to be the fear of colour bleed or lipstick teeth, not something I want to be dealing with in a regular basis.
What with it being valentines day tomorrow I decided to have a rifle through my lipsticks, with the thought that valentines is a perfect red lip occasion.

I came across my one and only Mac lipstick, Ladybug. I actually ordered this shade blind via the Internet, I knew it came under the red family of shade, but It was the name I was sold on. Am I the only one that can be swayed by a cute name? Er … I’m sure I’m not.

My little risk payed of fortunately, ladybug is a lustre finish and actually is a very wearable brick red.

The formula is what you would expect from Mac, creamy and easy to apply. Longevity wise I’m quite satisfied, yes you get some transfer, but it is an even fade, not of that weird outline you can get with some bright shades. I always use a Lipliner with strong shades, they just look sharper, and bleed less. I have paired this with NYX chunky lip pencil in ‘Hot Red’


Are you a bit nervous when it comes to wearing a red lip, or do you wear it the confidence it deserves?

Bye for now, Katy 🙂