The girl in the bobble hat

Just a quick one today, but I wanted to share with you one of my favourite christmas presents, courtesy of Mr S.

This chunky cable knit hat from Superdry £19.99 is so cosy and warm. I love the great big bobble on it, it looks very cute. Superdry is not somewhere I would usually shop but I had to have a peek to see if they did a matching scarf. They do and I’m now trying to justify parting with £34.99 for the matching scarf. I have to wait till payday, if I’m still lusting after if then I may have to make a purchase. If orange is not your thing it comes in plenty of other colours. I quite like the look of the raspberry coloured one.

This pic is so missing the scarf, what do you think?

Winter Beauty basics – My survival Kit

IMG_1859.JPGSo I don’t know about you, but I find the colder winter months bring with it extra challenges when it comes to maintaining basic beauty rituals. I’m not talking anything fancy here, just everyday maintenance. In the past keeping on top of chapped lips, dull skin and dry hands has felt like an ongoing problem. Thankfully thanks to several winters of trying out different products, I have now created myself a basic survival kit that helps to tackle such problems.

First up is The Body shop’s Hemp hand protector £5 for 30ml or £11 for 100ml. Here

I cannot give this hand cream enough credit for solving my dry hand issues. They used to get so bad during the winter months to the point that my skin would crack and bleed (yuck!!). Apart from the fact it hurt like hell my poor hands did not look pretty.

I had given up hope of finding an over the counter cream for this, nothing worked, and I was on the point of visiting my GP to see if they could help. It was about this time that I happened to go to a Body shop at home party. The sales rep demonstrated this particular cream, and to be honest I thought It stank, but when it sunk into my skin I knew something felt different to the other creams I had tried. This felt a bit oily, which is not something I would usually look for in a hand cream. I have put this down to the creams feature ingredient, Hemp seed oil. My hands clearly loved it though and seemed to absorb it so well, this was clearly what my poor hands were missing. So I thought what the heck, it’s worth a go. I am so glad I purchased some to take home with me, as my hands heeled nicely and I have not had a problem since, if I continue to use the cream regularly. So for this reason I can forgive it for it’s questionable smell, and to be honest you do get used to it.

The next product is Nuxe’s Re’ve de Miel Ultra nourishing Lip balm, priced £9.50. Here


My little sister was the one who pointed me in it’s direction (she got into blogs a lot earlier than I did). So from trying some of hers I was hooked. I’ll be honest here I probably would have looked at this product and laughed at the sales persons face if she tried to flog me a £9.50 lip balm. That’s the beauty off being able to try someone else’s before you commit yourself though.

The easiest place for me to pick this up is from Marks & Spencer’s beauty hall. They often have 20% of deals which lightens the blow to my pocket a bit. £9.50 for a a lip balm is pretty steep, but this works.

Lastly is an old favourite, Benefit’s Hoola bronzer, priced £23.50. Both boots and Debenhams have this on offer for £21.15 at the moment though.Here


This is a great matte bronzer, perfect for fairer skinned girls like myself. I find used lightly it gives my skin just enough of a glow to stop my skin looking dull and washed out. The fact that it’s a matte formula works perfectly for this time of year if you are just looking for a natural looking touch of colour rather than a very shimmery look. Not what I’m after for an every day look, but that’s just my preference.

So what about you? Are there any products you consider a must have to get you through the winter months? Suggestions welcome x