Game changer products # 1 – Wilkinson Sword Intuition Razor

This is the first of a regular weekly post dedicated to sharing with you one product that has impressed me so much it has dramatically changed an aspect of my regular beauty regime. Hence the tag line game changer product.

So drumroll please ….what is this weeks product?

Can we give a big round of applause to the Wilkinson Sword Intuition razor. This weeks product might be a bit of a boring one but it has made my life so much easier.


Wilkinson Sword Intuition Razor

Now here’s confession time. As a busy mum lets just say defuzzing has not always been high on my list of priorities. Yes I can be a bit of a hairy Mary at times (hangs her head in shame). In my defence, when your trying to get out the door for the school run and yourself ready for work It’s far less effort to sling on a pair of tights or trousers over those fuzzy legs. Why bother with slathering your legs in shaving gel and contourting yourself into awkward positions whist running the risk of shredding your shins on a razor blade in your haste? Come on hands up, whose with me on that one?

It was much to my husbands relief then when I received a Wilkinson Sword Intuition razor in Decembers edition of Glossybox. I can proudly say thanks to this product 2014 has been the year of lovely smooth fuzz free legs.

So what’s so different about this razor you ask?

Let’s just say it’s the convenience of it. I don’t have a shower at present so have to jump in the bath each morning. This little beauty has suction pads on its holder so it lives on the wall next to the bath. So what? That’s not exactly life changing. Well here it’s where it gets interesting. Check out its unique blades.


Wilkinson Sword Intuition RazorThis is what Wilkinson’s sword have to say about it.

*4 blades surrounded by a gentle creamy soap that lathers, shaves and moisturisers in one easy step. Leaving your skin visibly softer and smoother. No need for shave gel, soap or body wash.

Lets just say, for me, the razor performs exactly as it claims. Each morning I’m able to run this little beauty over my legs, underarms etc.
Instantly I’m left with lovely smooth skin without the normal faffing. I would say I can have this done in about two minutes. Even better I don’t get any nasty cuts or stubble rash as the creamy soap is so lubricating and moisturising. The blades I use are the Revitalising care with pomegranate extract ones, mainly as I’m a sucker for anything with pomegranate in. They do actually smell quite nice.

The only bug bear for me is the price. The blades don’t come cheap. £7.19 for a pack of three in Boots to be precise. So it is worth stocking up when you see these on offer. I have also found these on Amazon for £6.29 so worth considering if you are already making a purchase there.

One box of blades tends to last me a month so it is still cheaper and less painful than waxing. On a side note I’m a baby, waxing just hurts too much, and don’t like the regrowth period you have to go through between waxes. So for me the expense is justified.

All in all I’m so glad I received this product in my Glossybox, as it just trumps what I was previously using when I could be bothered to de fuzz. I wouldn’t have even considered trialling it due to the price, it is definitely worth it though. Now it’s not such a chore or time-consuming I can proudly say I’m no longer a hairy Mary. Yay me!!!

There you go, that is my first game changer product. What about you? Do you find the constant battle with the fuzz a chore? Are there any products that you would consider game changer Products? I would love to know what they are x

*press sample