HealGel – Does it work on scars? – My road test


Within my January Birchbox subscription I received a 5ml sample of HealGel Intensive. This is a product I had not heard of before so didn’t really have a clue about what it actually was. I decided that this needed a little bit of research, I’d mistakenly thrown my handy info card away. (Clever me – not!)

So, what exactly is HealGel ?

First up I quickly realised this was a product that sat within the middle to higher end category. It retails at £37.50 and is available from websites such as Feelunique , lookfantastic and Birchbox obviously.

The product itself is a multi-usage rescue gel that claims to help to restore, protect and sooth the skin. Active ingredients include arnica and madecassoside (can’t say I’ve heard of that one before). These have properties which include reducing puffiness, minimising discolouration and soothing capabilities.*

I wasn’t sure whether I would personally be able to find a use for this product, but after reading a couple of reveiws online I realised that this little tube of gel might just be quite useful to me. Why? Well, other reviewers have put this to use to help reduce scaring. This makes sense really when ingredients include arnica, known for it’s assistance with bruising. Just a little word of caution though, the product info does say not to use on broken skin.
All of these reveiws were very early days, so I thought it would be a good idea to carry out a longer term road test and share this with you guys.

So, below is a photograph of my scare, it’s quite small, but currently very red. I will be using HealGel daily, and them report back weekly with my progress.


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Bye for now, Katy.

*info from product description (look fantastic)