5 things I’m thankful for

IMG_2849I don’t think I have shared this before but I am currently having physiotherapy for a trapped nerve problem in my leg/hip/lower spine area. I think, in the past, I’ve only eluded to the fact that I can’t do heels – boo!

Anyway fashion issues aside, and on a more serious note managing the nerve pain can be a bit of a struggle to cope with. To help this I’m on lots of different anti-inflammatory and pain med’s, and have also been receiving Acupuncture. I have certain exercises to help and my hot water bottle has also become my best friend. Heat therapy does wonders for aches and pains.

For the most part I try to remain upbeat about things and carry on as best as possible, it just means taking care not to over do things when I’m having a good day. I’m sure we’ve all been there when we have thought we have been feeling tip top and rushed about like a mad person, only to find later on that actually you still aren’t 100 percent, which can be very frustrating. With all this in mind there are days when I can feel a bit fed up with it, for example the past few days, so I have decided to sit down and reflect on the good things in my life that I have to be thankful for. This is more of a pick me up for myself than anything, but I decided to share this here as perhaps if you are having a bad day you could try this as pick me up too.

So Ive probably waffled on enough already, if you still with me, well done! Here goes:

1. I have a very supportive and loving husband who when I’m feeling crappy can be relied upon to pull out his signature dish – spaghetti bolognese, meaning I can have a night off from cooking. He’s also brilliant and reminding me to take certain medication as I have a memory like a sieve.

2. Not quite sure how I wangled this one but my 11yr old son, who is a very early riser, will always bring me a cup of tea in bed in the morning. Far nicer than a shrieking alarm clock.

3. I no long rely on my good dam crutches to get around, Amen to that!!
Thank you to Louise, my lovely physiotherapist 🙂

4. There will always be tea and cake, well I hope so anyway. Please tell me this is true! This is probably not the healthiest pick me up but I love nothing better than meeting up with my baby sister, a fellow tea and cake freak, and have a good old natter.

5. Lastly my blog, it may be small with not many readers, but it’s mine. It’s my space where I can write about whatever takes my fancy. It’s such a great feeling when someone has taken the time to read and like what you have to say. I’m shallow I know, but sometimes we all need a bit of an ego rub.

So there you go, five things I’m thankful for, I feel better already. Why don’t you give it a go?

Bye for now, Katy 🙂