Weekend pamper time – Avon solutions complete balance face mask

Hi all, it’s the weekend yay! So for me that means some time to give myself a little pampering treat . This week I treated my skin to this balancing clay mask from Avon, available here. It’s usually priced at a very reasonably £5, but is on offer for £2.50, bargain!

This is a deep cleansing clay mask that contains camellia leaf and claims to leave your skin feeling smooth, shine free and purified. I applied this to my face for 15 minutes, it sets hard so no talking or it cracks. Hubby was delighted as it meant I shut up talking for a while, Ha! See obligatory sexy face mask selfie – gorgeous no?


Anyway, I was happy catching up with, The Following, I love that show. Once the mask was completely set I washed of with a lovely warm face cloth. It comes away relatively easily though you do have to give your face a little bit of a scrub. My skin was left really smooth, I actually kept sitting there and stroking my face it was that soft. I’m not a weirdo honest, it just felt that good.

I will definitely making a date with this mask again next weekend and I’d recommend this to anyone with normal/combination skin. It’s worth giving it ago.

What have you been up to this weekend? Feel free to comment below.

Bye for now, Katy 🙂