A healthy Pick n Mix alternative – Holland & Barrett find

My local high street is going through lots of changes, for the better I must add. This I put down to the perks of my home town recently securing city status. One of these developments is a spanking new Holland & Barrett store.

Now I must confess my motives for nipping in store were to check out the improvements to their natural beauty section, not to secure some healthy snacks. Ha, nothing changes there.

Anyway impressive beauty department aside, what got me most excited was the shiny new pick n mix station.

This is a pick n mix with a difference, you won’t find any artificial sugary sweets here. What there is though is a huge selection of different nuts and dried fruits that you can mix and match like you would with a traditional pick n mix. Yum, guilt free snacking!

For me this is especially exciting as I have a son who is diabetic, so pick n mixes are usually a big no no, he’d end up in a diabetic coma – Awkward. Jokes aside, this is something that I know I can treat him to, he has no nut allergies fortunately, and loves nuts, we would have to be careful with the dried fruit but this is ok in moderation.

This is what my husband and I had this afternoon as a cheeky snack, whilst in town.


The apple rings and, sweet chilli cashews are particularly nice.

Priced at £2 per 100g, this is not the cheapest way of buying such products, but to me this is a treat so the price is relative. Today though, the pick n mix was on offer at half price, so actually a very inexpensive treat.

Are you lucky enough to have one of these in you local Holland & Barrett store?

What healthy snacks do you like?

Bye for now, Katy 🙂