Back to basics – A speedy morning moisturising duo 

Today I thought  I would share with you two products that I have been using in an effort to speed up my morning beauty regime. 

I’m useless in the mornings, let’s just say im a very reluctant early riser. If it wasn’t for the sake of duty I’d be crawling out of bed around mid-morning. Anyway, between getting 3 kids up and my underproductiveness it doesn’t give me a lot of time to get ready for the day ahead. 

Moisturising however is a step I refuse to skip on, I hate how tight and itchy my skin feels if I do skip it. Unfortunately a full body moisturise can take a good five minutes of my time, and that’s without the added time pressures of struggling into skinny jeans that just want to cling to skin that is still a bit sticky from all that lotion. There has been a few aghh moments. 

Fortunately I have found a couple of products that reduce the time it takes to apply moisturiser and dress easily without having to wait for it to be absorbed.  

First up is Nivea’s in shower skin conditioner.

 This works on the same principle as conditioning cleansers for your hair, only it’s for your skin. It enables you to just jump in the shower, wash, rinse and go. It is designed to negate the need for moisturising post shower and claims to provide 24hr moisturisation. Mine is the French version, kindly brought back from France (obviously), by my little sister. You can find the UK version of this Abailabl from the usual retailers like, Boots and Superdrug. I have also found this on offer online from Llyods Pharmacey  Here priced at £2.32 instead of the usual price of £3.49. Full price, though it’s still a good buy, in my opinion. 

Next up is an offering from Soap & Glory. 

This is the Easy listening sweet almond dry oil spray. This features an aerosol spray that allows you to spray your body with a fine mist of dry oil in one quick go. It even works upside down making it easy to apply to hard to reach areas like your back. 

Now, if your not into glitter then this is not for you, as it contains very fine particles. Me though I love it, I find it’s actually quite flattering, my skin is glistening and feels super soft. Slightly annoying though is that I think this has been discontinued as I can’t find it anywear online. Boo! If anyone has used the S&G moisturising body mist and would recommend it please let me know what you think. Otherwise I would be grateful of any other dry oil recommendations. I’m going to need a replacement soon. Edit

So there you go, two great time savers,  I doubt you can get your hands on the S&G spray anymore but I’m sure there must be similar products out there. I decided to include it though as I will certainly be scouring my local retailers for a replacement. If I’m successful I will share my find here. 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂