Lush bunch of carrots reveiw – probably my most favourite ever lush product!

Hi guys! 

Today I have for you a  rave reveiw of what is probably my most favourite lush product ever! Big claim, I know. This is the bunch of carrots bubble bar, priced at £5.95


Not only is the bunch of carrots bubble bar visually cute, but it smells AMAZING, creates loads of bubbles, and is also good value for money. Let me tell you more. 

Bunch of carrots is different to a lot of Lush’s other bubble bars as it is reusable. Unlike the traditional bubble bar that you crumble under running water you can swirl this in, or just drop one carrot in the running water like I did, it will begin to dissolve and create tonnes of bubbles.  


As you can see your bath will develop into a gorgeous fragranced, orange coloured bath, with loads of bubbles. A full bath used up half a carrot, so you are going to get six baths out of this. Not bad for £5.95, when you compare to price of some other bubble bars.  


The fragrance as I said before is AMAZING!! This is thanks to the inclusion of buchu, lemon and grapefruit oils, it’s a very fruity uplifting fragrance, perfect for when you need something with a bit of feel good factor to it. This is definitely one for easing a grumpy day!  


I discovered, by accident of course, you can also pretend to be Olaf, from Frozen, if the need should take you. Ha ha! 

I shall be grabbing myself some back ups of this before Easter as it’s a limited edition product. I do not want to be without this one. 

Have you used any othe the Lush Easter products yet? What are your fave’s? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂