A little peek into my home 

Hi guys! 

Today I’m going to give you a little peek inside my home. I feel my home is a reflection of my families personality. 

Our home is a 1920’s 3 bed terrace, it’s nothing fancy, but it’s home. When we moved in it was a bit of a mess, but with some care and attention our cozy home began to emerge. 

I know for a lot of people the kitchen is the heart of the home, however in our home it has to be our living room. My kitchen is not that big so this is the place where we gather.  


As you can see it is a very multi functional room, we eat our meals here, the boys practice their guitars, homework is done here, games are played and we watch TV.

  If you asked my to describe my interior style, I would have great difficulty picking one. It’s very eclectic, with a mix of modern and old pieces.  


This dining table we purchased from a family friend, I couldn’t tell you how old it is other than my nan has a very similar one. I love the spindly legs. 

The chairs belonged to my husbands grandparents, I never met them as they died before we met one another. It’s nice though that there is a connection to them within our home. I have reupholstered the seats with some bright fabric so they now have a modern twist, mixed in with the old. 

Usually I have flowers on the table, I had just thrown out the ones there when I took this picture, they were looking a bit sad.  These are my current ones though. 


My favourite feature in this room has to be the fireplace. When we moved in it literally was  a hole in the wall. My husband did an amazing job of building this one. He created the hearth by tiling a a chunky piece of wood.  

I think you can agree that he did a great job.  


All the little nick-nacks have some kind of special meaning, be it that they are a holiday momento, or something the kids have picked up on family outings. I like to group them around photographs. 


This large shell heart was a decor feature on our wedding day. 


My father-in-law made this food warmer for my birthday out of bits of scrap metal. He is very talented and can turn his hand to most things. Funny though he doesn’t do wallpaper, that’s my mother-in-laws domain. 

I have a little bit of a love for A.A Milnes, Winnie the Pooh. Let’s just say I have built a bit of a collection over the years. I have created a bit of a gallery wall to display them. My daughter is a bit of a budding artist so we have some of her work displayed here as well. 


So there you go that’s my families living room. The only thing it’s missing though is a rug. I have been checking out Modern Rugs, they have a huge range of rugs available. I really like this cream fluffy one HERE.


 I’m sure it’s what my living room is missing. What do you think? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂

P.S this post is part of a compition entry, I have not been paid for this post.