Giraffe brunch date 

Hi guys, so today I thought I would share with you a little bit of what I’ve been up to. It involves that thing I seem to do far too much of lately, indulge in coffee and eat. Whoops! No wonder I couldn’t get my jeans done up this morning. Not kidding! 

Any way slight over share done with, earlier in the week hubby and I had a little brunch date. He suggested a little trip to our local Giraffe restaurant. 

As you can see it was really quite quiet when we visited. This was handy for me as I could take some pictures without bothering anyone. Giraffe has a pretty cool loft type interior, I’m loving the grey brickwork. The outside seating area is pretty neat aswell, we had forgotten our sunnies  though so opted to sit inside.  


This is a lovely place to sit as it actually over looks the river that runs through the centre of our town. As there are lots of other bars, restaurants  and coffee shops surrounding the river this gives for a very bustling atmosphere. 

  The food available is of the healthier variety with a bit of a Mexican twist. Expect dishes with ingredients such as chipotle sauce, avocado and chorizo.

My husband opted for the breakfast burrito, whilst I had bacon and scrambles eggs, with sourdough toast.  


Both of these dishes are part of the £5 breakfast selection, which includes a hot drink of choice. We both opted for flat whites. We were very surprised when these arrived in chunky glasses. Though a bit tricky to start with as the side of the glass is hot, this really displayed the quality craftsmanship of the barista.  

I used to be a barista myself so am a nightmare when it comes to coffee, I have high standards.  

 This didn’t disappoint and I even ordered a second. I really was feeling naughty that day. 

The service we recieved was lovely, the waitresses were really friendly and welcoming.  With great food and service this is somewhere I shall visit again very soon. 

Have you been to a giraffe restaurant before? Where do you like to go for brunch? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂