April Favourites – Rimmel, Mac and an amazing Aldi skincare find!

Well would you believe it we are another month down. Time really does go fast, when you are enjoying life. April saw some amazing weather, meaning tweaks to the make-up and suddenly realising the reality of needing to get a bit more summer ready. Yup those pasty pins made an early surprise appearance, queue frantic leg shaving, oh the joys of being a girl!

April favourites include some staples that I have been reaching for and consider to be daily essentials.  


First up is an amazing beauty find, from Aldi of all places. This is Lacura Aqua-Complete multi intensive serum H2o. Priced at £3.49 not only is this stuff ridiculously cheap but it works.  

 Used after cleansing, and before your usual moisturiser, this serum helps to seal in moisture. This is thanks to that special ingredient Hyaluranic Acid.  Since using this I’ve noticed my complection is smoother, clearer and plumper. I highly recommend it. 

Next up is a product that I use every time I give myself a manicure.

    Rimmel London’s Nail Nurse Perfectionail is a brilliant base coat that helps to get rid of ridges and basically provide a lovely smooth surface ready for whichever polish I’m using. It’s great value for money costing only £4.49, which compared to other similar more expensive products is awesome. It does the job just as well. 

My next item is the Real Techniques Expert Face brush £8.99 

I had been using my beauty blender religiously, but for some reason it isn’t working with my current foundation and BB cream combo so well. This brush though seems to be doing the trick just nicely, blending out those dredded tide marks flawlessly. 

Like all my other Real Techniques brushes it washes beautifully, with no shedding, and still feels as soft as the day I bought it. 

My last item is, one that I went on a huge mission last year to find when it came out as a limited edition around my birthday. I think I managed to track one down to Selfridges in the end. 

This is Mac’s mineralize skinfinish in stereo rose. Sadly this isn’t available on the website anymore so I can’t provide a link, boo! 

Just look at it, how frigging stunnin. that marble is. 

I was keeping this as my ‘best’ bronzer, but now it’s warming up I’ve found myself reaching for it on a more daily basis.  I’m wearing it in the picture below, I just find it warms up my complection beautifully. I want to try soft and gentle now as well, we shall see?


So there’s my April Favourites, have you tried any of these products? 

I hope your April was a good as mine. 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂