Are you a list maker? -Organisation and me

Hi guys!  

 Happy Monday! I hope you had a fab weekend. Mine was super busy as we had lots of social events all weekend. As a result I’m sitting here wondering if I can pretend it’s Sunday and hide under the duvet. Yup could do with a three day weekend again! 

Alas it’s a week that is going to involve catching up on uni work, finishing a bathroom makeover, hopefully some regular blogging and general running round after the kids. 

Does anyone else have young ones sitting their SATS this week? My son, bless him, looked a wee bit petrified heading into school this morning. I tried to make home feel better by wishing him luck. My advice being to just try his best, and that the exams are testing the school more than him. He’s sitting the higher level 6 papers so is I think is feeling the added pressure. 

Any way, slight digression there. Are you like me? When I  having lots of work to be getting on with it can often be a bit daunting. Sometimes I just don’t know where to start. I’ll be too busy worry about it, or burying my head in the sand procrastinating with the likes of Twitter and Pinterest, that nothing gets done. 

My husband is the complete opposite of me, he is naturally focused and just seems to be able to get the nesscesitys done, with minimal fuss I might add. He is also very good at giving me a kick up the bum when I’m slacking. This being in a very non preaching nagging way, it must be his natural charm. Ssh! Don’t tell him that or it will go to his head. 

It has become a bit of a joke between the two of us that in order for me to get anything done I need a list of jobs. There will often be a note left on the calendar of the things I must get done that day. I must confess to putting off the less enticing ones though, such as phoning the bank etc. Yep that one still needs doing.

This has got me thinking though about how I approach motivation. I’m definitely a list maker. There is something satisfying about visibly seeing jobs being ticked of a list as they are completed. I actually get an internal rush of satisfaction and happiness, spurring  me on. Is this just me, or do you experience a similar feeling?

  What I have learnt to do though is not get upset with myself if I haven’t achieved everything on the list. There was a time when I would push myself completely to the point of burning out. Let’s just say my list is a guide and I have learnt to pace myself accordingly. This is something I have learnt recently, I burnt out quite spectacurlary about a year ago. 

With my health improved, and a more balanced work ethos I’m definately back on track. Onwards and upwards so to speak. 

If your still with me, thanks for sticking with me to the end of my pondering. Why not share some of you tips for getting motivated and organised in the comments section below. 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂