Take 3 Beauty Samples – The Smashbox Edit

  This is probably one of my favourite types of post to do, and is  one I look forward to it each month. The basis behind it being, each month I bring you my first impressions on three beauty samples that I have tested. 

Once again this month I have been able to group together another set of samples from the same brand, enabling me to do another brand focus. 

So who am I talking about then? Why Smashbox of course. This is a brand that I love for it’s high quality products. 

I tend to purchase from their online store, hence I have accumulated some brilliant luxury samples. They always include a luxury sample with your order, and often have offer codes for some extra free goodies. Delivery is free so this is such a great way of getting a bit more bang for your buck. In fact they have a week of special offers running currently with full size free treats all week. 

Smashbox Camera ready BB cream in light – £27

  If you are after a lightweight formula that still gives a good amount of coverage then this is great. I am really impressed with how this looks and feels on my skin.  

  I feel this warms my complection up nicely and does a good job of blurring imperfections. The picture below is with just the BB cream alone. As you can see by the hair I’m having a lazy day here. I would feel self conscious about doing the school run or popping to the shops like this. 

  This works well equally well though as a base for a more glam look. this is me before heading out to a BBQ. I have added some concealer, powder, blush and highlight. Personally I think I’m looking pretty good. 


It’s worth noting also if you are a fair skinned girly like myself that this has an SPF of 35, making it perfect for the summer. I have already ordered a full size whoops!! 

The second product is the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer – £25

  Now I have to confess this is not the first time I have had this as a sample. I loved this the first time round and am glad to have another. 

The oil free formula provides a lovely surface for applying my face, without clogging my skin. I believe it makes a perfect combo with the BB cream above. My make-up lasts longer and just looks so much better. What more can a girl want?  

 I want to purchase a full size of this but im trying to be good girl at the moment. Primers seems to be the type of sample that I always have a few of so never really have to buy it. If I had to though this would be my first choice.

Lastly is Smashboxes Legendary Lipgloss in the shade Disco Rose – £15

  First up, how cute is this sample? I can easily be swayed by cute packaging but actually the formula of this is pretty good to.

   It is  easy to apply and not sticky at all. This for me is something that I haven’t found in lower priced lip glosses. The more premium brands just seem to get it right. Probably why I’m a more of a lipstick girly. If I was after a lipgloss though I would look to see what other shades are available in the range. 

So there that’s all of this months samples, I don’t consider any of them to be a dud and would look to purchasing the full sizes (um I have done for one already, he he). 

Have you tried any of these products? How did you get on? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂