OOTD – Flamingo Marvlous

Today I went to the gym for a bit of a gentle workout, swimming  and then for some lunch. Your probably thinking, why bother with the gym if your going to undo that hard work with lunch out? Yes I know it seems a bit backwards. Hmmm I had skinny milk if that helps? No? 

To late now anyway, lol!

 I have been working on putting  the weight back on that I lost when I was unwell last year, so I don’t feel too guilty. I have actually achieved my target weight so now am concerntrating on turning that extra weight into toned muscle. Trickier than it sounds as I am restricted with exercise. We have found a few though that will work for me, fingers crossed.

I thought I would share with you the outfit I wore for lunch as Im 100% in love with this T-Shirt. The flamingo print is just so much fun. 

  Teamed with some pink chinos and my flatform sandals this makes a fun outfit that is still practical. Yes, that P word, it becomes important when your kids seem to be getting better and better at running rings round you. Please tell me it’s not just me! 

Please ignore the not do great lighting and make-up. It has peed it down all day so no chance of out and about photography stops. This was in the evening when I had given up all hope of a dry sky and was about to have a bubble bath and face mask. 

  Any way, i do actually feel really good when I wear this outfit, regardless of it’s practicalities, or the lack of makeup. 

T- Shirt – Primark 

Chinos – Next (last year)

Sandals – JustFab 

Thanks for stopping by, Katy 🙂