The Lazy Girls Guide To Beach Waves

When It comes to styling my hair, I am very lazy. As my hair is so long and thick I get fed up by how long it takes to give myself a DIY blow out. Achieving heat styled curls can take so friggin long, I just can’t be bothered. So, yeah I tend to not bother too much, unless I’m going out somewhere special that is.  

 Lazy girl tendancies aside, I do still like my hair to look nice. Here’s where my 80s/90’s childhood comes in handy. On bath night my mum would sit and braid lots of tiny little plaits in mine and my sisters hair, there was three of us so it took her quite a while. 

After a goods nights sleep we would wake with hair full of little waves, only back on the day mum would brush through the tight waves so they took on more of a crimped effect. Fine when your a kid, not really a look in going for now though.  Still I have adapted this technique for a more modern grown up look. It’s simple, fuss free and quick, so perfect for lazy girls like me. 

So, here’s what I do. 


After washing my hair I apply Tresemme Thermal Creations blow Dry potion £5.50 to the length of my hair. This helps to combat any frizz my hair can be prone to. It also contains heat protection so protects my hair at the same time. 

  I then partially blow dry my hair. This is because the anti frizz properties of the Tresemme product are heat activated. You can get away with out this step though. 

Next I plait my hair in one semi high plait. I use a band at the top aswell as the bottoms this helps with volume later on. I also twist the individual strands as I plait.  


I then spray Number 4 Jour d’automne non areosol hairspray £18.50 to the length of the plait. It may be pricey but I love this product as it’s non sticky and you don’t get that horrible choking mist like with traditional hairsprays. 

Now I’m either free to go about the my day, as this is totally a style I can get away with during the day, or take myself off to bed. 

……..Several hours later?

So, I’ve either had a great nights sleep, or I have gone about the days activities and am now getting ready for a night out. 

  All I have to do is undo the plait and seperate the waves with my fingers. I don’t brush it as this will remove those lovely curls that have been created. With just a quick spritz of KMS Hairplay Dry Wax £12.75, which helps to achieve a textured finish, hold and of course a frizz free finish, and I’m done. 

It’s pretty darn good even of I do say so myself, and no one is going to know that I’ve been a lazy moo with my hair either. 

What do you think of this look? Do you have any handy lazy girl hair styles up you sleeve? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂