A Lush spa experience evening at Lush Chelmsford 

On Friday evening I was very fortunate to have been invited to a spa experience evening, at my local Lush Store. The event focused on some of the amazing treatments available at Lush Spa’s , particularly the new and quite epic Planets Treatment. I shall tell you more about that later though.

First up let me share some of the experiences of Friday evening with you. Be prepared for lots of pictures.

On arrival we were greeted by the very welcoming Chelmsford Lush team. We were given name badges and offered herbal tea, candy floss and biscuits. Typical me, shortly after being giving my tea spilt it everywhere, cringe!

Accident behind us though, we were given a talk about the spa and then split off into groups to move around and sample some  of the treatments the spa has to offer.

IMG_4816        IMG_4785IMG_4782

IMG_4766IMG_4810As you can see from the pictures this included hand and arm massages, mini facials and foot soaks. There where also listening stations where you had a chance to listen to the music that accompanies each unique treatment.

It was a brilliant evening as we got to see products in use the way the clever creators at lush intended.

A personal favourite had to be the Big Blue bath ballistic. This was created to provide the sensatory part of The Good Hour deep tissue massage £80. Inspired by sea shanties and the movement aboard a ship, this was dreamed up when it’s creator was having back related problems.

Put it this way I need this treatment, I shall be saving my pennies for a trip to the Oxford Street Spa. For now though I have contented myself with a cheeky purchase of the big blue to try out at home.

Lush Big Blue Bath BombLush big blue demoLush big blue bath bomb

We also were able to have a go at creating a fresh face mask to take home with us.  We made the Catastrophe Cosmetic mask. This is a detoxifying mask containing blueberries, yum! (Yeah I know, your not supposed to eat it).



How amazing does the fresh face mask stand look though? definitely good enough to eat.

So that is a round-up of the goings on last Friday at Lush Chelmsford. It was a truly amazing experience. I need to get saving now so I can treat myself to the good hour massage. For now though let me tell you a bit more about the planets treatment.

The Planets Treatment lasts an amazing 3 hours and is Inspired by the planets in our solar system. The treatment is divided into three distinct phases focusing on the past present and future. It includes different massage techniques, palm readings and a lifted facial combined with unique Lush sensatory elements.

This is a completely different experience,  priced at £285 (cough) this would make the ultimate gift for someone special. One can dream any way can’t they?

Have you been to the lush spa before? I would love to hear about your experience. If these taster treatments are anything to go by then I can imagine it is truly amazing.

Once again a massive thank you needs to go out to the team at Lush Chelmsford, they are all incredibly talented and full of knowledge.

By for now, Katy 🙂