Create the illusion of big lashes with your eyeliner!


Do you dream of long fluttering eyelashes? C’mon hands up, I know I do. ¬†Although there are loads of Mascara’s out there promising to give you such lashes, it’s never quite the same as using falsies.

Trouble is, I suck at applying them, it takes me blinking ages. I’ll get one eye right, then can’t do the other, so end up throwing a paddy and removing the one I have managed. There goes another pair waisted. Alas fluttery lashes just don’t seem to be for me!

Well, I do believe I have come up with a solution. With the use of carefully applied eyeliner tricks I can create the illusion of those lashes, without getting my knickers in a twist.

How you ask? Well it’s easy, when you are applying your liquid eyeliner, instead of creating a standard cat flick, create a feathered double flick. The feathered liner mimics the appearance of long curly lashes.



Check out the difference in the pictures below.

This is using the same mascara, I have just added the feathered eyeliner. The difference is amazing.

What do you think? Would you give this look a try?