Take 3 Beauty Samples – The Body Shop Edit (supporting the teenage cancer trust)

Hi guys!

Today I have for you another round of mini samples for you that I have tested   out.

This month you will notice that there is actually four not three samples. This is because my samples come courtesy of a little sample pack I picked up on my last visit to my local The Body Shop.

Priced at £1 this little pack contains a selection of TBS product samples, with all money going towards supporting the charity The Teenage Cancer Trust. What a fab idea!

I asked the customer assistant serving me if this was a regular thing as I think this is such a great idea. She said that though not advertised if you ever wanted to try a couple of samples just ask about making a £1 donation to your stores charity and they would give you some samples in return. It’s a bit of a win win situation really, who doesn’t love a sample?

So on with the samples, I shall tell you my first impression and whether I’m tempted to buy a full sized product.

Smokey Poppy Body Lotion £8 for 250ml

Image source – The BodyShop website

This was a lovely thick lotion that absorbed into my skin really well without any greasiness or stickiness.

The smell is beautiful, it’s very sophisticated and delicate, not too floral, not to musky. I actually kept smelling myself as it’s that good.

This was a big hit with me, I want to get my sticky mitts on the full size product now.

Next up was the Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub £15 for 250ml

Image source The Body shop website

The smell of this is beautiful, it’s a very refreshing sent.  I didn’t Find this aparticurly  scrubby scrubs bough as the micro particles are very small and not at all harsh.

 I not going to rush out and buy this scrub as I want to do a bit of digging first. Does anyone know whether the micro particles in this are synthetic or not? My instincts think that they are, which is what puts me off buying this. I’ve made a pledge to buy only natural scrubs due to the polluting nature of synthetic ones.

If anyone could answer that particular quandary, help would be appriciated.

The next item was from TBS latest released range, Virgin Mojito. This is a sample of the Virgin Mojito Body Butter £13 – 200ml. 

Image souce The Body shop website

Now, I expected to love this. Mojito is my favourite cocktail, and I am a confirmed fan of TBS body butters.

Unfortunately the scent just didn’t do it for me, it reminds me of cleaning products, Cif to be exact. Sorry guys but this one is a miss for me, based on that.

The last product is one that I had been wanting to try for ages, I just haven’t got round to it before now. This is the Mango Body Sorbet £8.

Image Source The Bodyshop Website

This product is not actually what I thought it was. I had thought it was a super moisturiser shower gel and moisturiser hybrid. No, it’s actually a different formular of moisturiser. Slightly less exciting.

Having said that, I loved the texture and smell of this, and my skin does feel very nourished after using it. I am actually going to pick up a full size of this, as I think it is perfect for summer straight from the fridge.

So, we had 2 hits and 2 misses, good job really as I really shouldn’t be buying all 4.

Have you tried any of these products before? What were you thoughts?