From the Lush Kitchen – Oxford Street Exclusives

Us Lushies were ridiculously excited when Lush Oxford Street opened its doors. Only to realise that we were to be taunted with exciting products that we need (yes need, not want, I said that) and can’t get our hands on easily. It’s not like we can all be in London everyday, ha imagine how cramped that would be. Any way after I realised that the Lush Kitchen would be providing us with a steady drip feed of Lush Oxford Street exclusives I calmed down a bit. Phew!

Now, my vice has to be bubble bars, I love them. So last week when there was not one but two Oxford Street exclusive bubble bars available  from the Lush Kitchen I could hardly contain myself. Queue a cheeky order. You know the one, its the day before pay day your on your last few pounds, its Okay though I can pay with Paypal, “it won,t come out my bank till I get paid tomorrow”. Bad, I know!

Confession aside, I’m so glad that I was a naughty girl. These bubble bars a so stinking cute.  Let me show you Granny Takes A Dip bubble bar and the Milky Bar (no you cant eat this one, sorry).

Lush Kitchen Oxford STreet EXclusives



The first Item, is a bubble bar version of the Granny takes a dip bath bomb. This smells fab, of spicy ginger and black pepper, contrasting with a refreshing lemon scent. Oh and visually it mimics the swirly pattern of the original.

Granny takes a dip bubble bar


Next up is the cutest looking bubble bar I have ever seen. It is a dinky, milk bottle complete with glittery silver cap. I can’t wait to  have soak in milky bubble bath. Well if it was good enough for Cleopatra, it must be a good thing. The scent of this is very delicate with just a hint of orange oil. I’m expecting this to be super nourishing, I let you know after I have used it on Saturday morning.

Lush Milky Bubble Bar


I cant wait to give these two bubbles bars a try. Watch this space as I am probably going to film them doing their thing soon.

So if you cant get yourself in to London to visit the the store on Oxford street with all its exclusive goodies, keep an eye out for them in the Lush Kitchen. Don’t forget to put a request in the gift section for any samples you would like to try. It makes the hefty £3.95 delivery charge less of an annoyance. I was lucky to receive good sized samples of Coal Face and Parsley Porridge Soaps. 

Lush Parsley Porridge Soap

Have you had the chance to visit Lush Oxford Street yet? Are a frequent shopper from the Lush Kitchen?

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