Orange Eyeshadow look using Kiko’s 205 & 207

It’s very easy to get stuck into a bit of a make-up rut. When your mornings  are rushed its quicker and easier to just grab your trusted neutrals, safe in the knowledge that you know that these suit you. Other days though something may inspire me into feeling bold and experimental. Today is one of those later day’s. Lets just say the current heat wave has got me experimenting with shades orange, and boy do I like it! So let me tell you what I used to create this orange eye-shadow look.

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Monday’s trip into London saw a cheeky visit to Kiko, where I picked up a couple of eyeshadows from  their Clics System. These were shades 205 and 207. Sorry guys no actual names for you. Both of these sit very much within the orange family of shades.

Kiko eyshadow shade 205 & 207

205 is the lighter of the two shades. I would describe it has a warm toned peach with a very subtle gold shimmer. As the less daunting of the two I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this as a crease colour.Kiko Swatches

Now, 207 is where we start to get a bit more daring and experimental. This is a matte finish and is a very bright burnt orange. It terms of tone, though very dark, it leans more toward the yellow end of the spectrum than the red. It is very pigmented falling into the category of swatching the same as it looks in the pan. Well  done Kiko, this is not easy with Mattes.

As expected from Kiko, the quality of these are great. As they are part of the Clics System the are packaged in just the pan, though unlike other brands they have a handy little clear plastic lid for protection.

Kiko Clics System

Paired with a bit of Mac’s wedge this made for a very sultry look.  I am loving the contrast of the Orange against my pale skin. If you are interested I am wearing Mac Mineralise Skin finish in stereo rose and MUA lipstick in Nectar

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