Review – Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-on Kit

Hair removal has to be one of those annoying life’s  necessities. So I’m always on the lookout for products that can offer convenience as well as effective results. Waxing is something I have dabbled in though find a bit of a pain, (pardon the pun), I actually have a very good ‘Waxer’ but she can be a nightmare to get an appointment with. This is why when I saw the Veet Easy Wax Electric Roll-on Kit I decided to have a go at a DIY job.

veet easywaxelectric roll-on kit

Priced at £29.99 for the starter kit this is a more expensive option, though promised salon results, and in the long run I hoped would save me time and money. I only wax for holidays and usually shave as my dark hair makes waiting for regrowth  something I avoid. My 13-year-old daughter though has never shaved and waxed from the word go.  She has always complained about the fact that her underarm hair grows quicker than elsewhere. This we thought would be ideal for in between appointments.

The kit comes with a roll on applicator, heating docking station, wax cartridge for legs and arms, waxing strips and after care wipes. Basically everything you need to get going with your DIY waxing session.

veet easy wax electric roll on kit

We decided to start with my daughters under arm hair, it’s a small area so ideal for a first attempt. So after carefully reading the instructions we set up the device to warm up. It said this would take between 20 and 30 minutes. It was definitely more towards the latter time mark before the applicator would begin to dispense any wax. I have to say this wasn’t the easiest thing to do, it involved lots of shaking and actually physically using my fingers to start the roller to turn and dispense.

Wax eventually applied, we went in with the waxing strips, ensuring it was smoothed out in the correct direction. With a quick pulling away of the strip we expected to see some results. No!!! 3 hairs came out, I kid you not. Um this is not a salon result? We tried again, double checking I was pulling the strip away in the right direction. Nope still nothing. By this point my daughters arms were beginning to look a bit red and sore so we said no leave it alone. My thoughts being perhaps I’m making the mistake of starting with a tricky area.

I then decide to have a go on my own legs, again only a few hairs would come away. Hmmm this is not working for me. I can’t quite work out what I’m doing wrong as I have read reviews where people have had great results with this. Is it just me?

I do have a theory though. The wax, when melted, is very thin and certainly not comparable to salon grade wax. It’s actually very similar in feel and texture to those pre waxed strips that you  warm in the palm of your hand. In my experience they have never worked, the case seems to be similar here.

Maybe if you are a trained beautician you may find you get on better with this, or if you are someone with finer and fairer hair. I just found it didn’t work for me or my daughter. Sadly I can’t say that this is a product I would be recommending any time soon, its back to the salon for me.

Have you tried this at home wax kit before? If you are a beautician do  have any pro tips fro making this work better?

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