These boots were made for walking – Animals Nevada Bootie

Way back in July on our last visit to Newquay, Cornwall, we did a bit of shopping. My Husband treated me to these suede booties from Animal.


As they are are faux fur lined, these where stashed away waiting patientially to be worn once Autumn arrived. Now Autumn has well and truely arrived, out came the Booties, and they have rarely been off my feet since.  

 They are so warm and cosy, have the same feel as the more expensive UGG boots, but without the need for the “UGG shuffle”. You know the one, your boots begin to loose form and are a bugger to stay upright in. Well my classic UGG cardies did that anyway! 

Animals offering have a much firmer and more supportive sole, they are made for walking in. The quality of the suede Is also on point,  it brushes clean easily. I know because I’m a messy pup and have spilt tea in them whoops!

So yes I’m in love with them, they look cute, are comfy and practical. That’s all my casual boot requirements covered. 


I couldn’t  find this colour Boot on the Animal website, they do have them available in black or burgandy though priced at ¬£45. Not to be defeated I did a google search and they are still available in a couple of sizes from Amazon  priced  at just¬£31.50. Bargain!! Especially as Hubby had paid full price for these. 

Do you like a comfy boot or are you more of a killer heal kind of girl? 

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