What’s in my Gym Bag | #BEDM Day 4 

Who else is a ‘Nosey Parker’ and likes having a peek inside other people’s bags? 

Me, Me, Me!! 

Now don’t panic, I’m not about to have a rifle through your bag if you happen to leave it unattended near me. No, but, If I see a ‘What’s in my….’ blog post or YouTube video though I’m all over it. 

It’s about time I did one myself then and what better reason than its today’s suggested topic for #BEDM. 

So let’s have a peek inside my gym bag. 

Wow that’s quite a lot of stuff, and my gym kit isn’t even in it presently! 

First up we have a pelvic support belt and a small exercise ball. I haven’t actually used these for a while but they are there incase I have a relapse and need to do my physio excersises again. 

Next up are my sennheiser sports headphones. I need my music when I run, these are great as I’m not fighting with earphones that fall out. They have a handy storage pouch as well. 

These New Balence Vazee Rush trainers are without a doubt the best running shoes I’ve ever owned. They are lightweight but still have a firm instep. I pretty sure I got them on sale for around £50 instead of £85 during last years Black Friday sale. 

The small make-up bag from Primark contains an assortment of quick to use beauty products including moisturiser, hair serum, makeup and brushes plus the standard sanitary products. 

Then we have my Cath Kidson oilcloth wash bag that I take into the shower with me. This has some of my genuine holy grail products in it. Lush silky underwear dusting powder. It smells of jasmine and does two things for me. One it acts like talc so stops leggings and skinny jeans sticking to me post shower, and two acts as a moisturiser as it contains grated cocoa butter. 

I couldn’t fail to mention The Body Shop Banana conditioner either, I’m obsessed! 
Some other random things in my gym bag include a Mills & Boons Historical romance book, these are my guilty pleasure an umbrella, frilly socks, a battered ‘wet brush squirt’ deodorant and leave in conditioner. 

So not to bad, no nasty surprises! Leave your blog links if you’re also taking part in the #BEDM challenge. 

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    1. To be fair the husband has to take me to the gym, left to my own devices my motivation is not so hot.

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