The Gym Playlist 

Music is such an important thing in most of our lives. 

Different music can have an impact on how we feel and influence our moods.

I’m sure you’ll agree that we all have our own selection of songs that will evoke memories, both good and bad. 

We have those songs that motivate us and make us work and train harder. 

For this reason I put my gym playlist up there as one of my most important training tools. If I forget my headphones and don’t have my music it actually has a negative impact on my performance. 

I’m unable to run at the moment has my scholiosis has flared up. Instead I’m cycling so the playlist has had a little tweak. It’s working for me though. 

I can guarantee not all of the music in this current playlist is to everyone’s taste, but it has relevance to me. 

So confession time, this is what is on my current gym playlist with a little explanation of why that particular song has earned its place. 

1. Danza Kuduro (Through Your Hands Up)
Lucenzo & Qwote

This is our honeymoon song and never fails to put me in a good mood. Perfect for  warming up. 

2. Heart Attack

Demi Lovato

Im starting to lift the tempo a bit here but  this is not too fast that it helps with pacing.

The next few songs I’m looking to maintain a steady pace. Music that is at a certain tempo is really important to helping me maintain that. 

 3. Roar

Katy Perry

4. The Edge of Glory

Lady Gaga

5. Uptown Funk

Fleur East

By this point I feel like I’m hitting a bit of a wall. So I need something that is loud and motivational. Yup it calls for a spot of  Prodigy!

6. Invaders Must Die

The Prodigy 

It’s time to wind down now, but not too much. 

7. Figure it Out

Royal Blood 

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