#FacemaskFriday | Origins GinZing Peel-Off Mask

I haven’t produced a #FacemaskFriday post in some time. Girls slacking bit, sorry. Having said that, it has been a little while since I’ve come across a facemask that I thought was worth actually talking about. It’s a good job I got my grubby little mitts on a luxury sample size of Origins GingZing Peel-off mask as this one is actually worth talking about. Oh the perks of having to invest in some spot treatment gel!

This mask retails for £24 for a 75ml tube. So let’s be honest here, in my opinion that falls towards the pricey side. The question is then, is it worth the price?

It pains my pocket to say this, but actually yes it probably is.

The mask is described by Origins as a refreshing peel-off mask that is fortified with coffee beans. It claims to help lift away stubborn dead skin cells, dirt and debris to leave skin smooth, refined and glowing.

The mask is a sticky formula that dries on the face so it can then be peeled away, removing any nasties lurking on the skin with it. It gets bonus points for being a gorgeous copper colour.

It doesn’t have a coffee smell either, which is great,as though I love coffee I can’t tollerate the smell close to my nose for a prolonged period of time.

I found that the mask didn’t take very long to dry. I do feel I could have actually applied a lot more of the product.

This was evident when I came to remove the mask as the thinner areas were a bugger to peel off. Don’t be shy in application, go for a thicker layer and you’ll find it so much easier to remove. Lesson learnt there Katy!

Once removed this left my skin feeling very clean and smooth. My skin was definitely glowing as you can see in the picture below. I do recal having applied moisturiser before taking this picture, but my skin never normally looks this good. (Ignore the unflattering angle, I have such as huge honk).

My sample is a 15ml size and I used a bit under half of it. Realistically I would say you would get 10 uses out of the full 75ml product. So price per use is £2.40. When you look at it like that it actually isn’t that expensive considering how effective a product it is and when compared with a comparable single use Facemask.

This is recommended for dry, normal and oily skin types so is one I would recommend to most people. If you have sensitive or a fresh breakout I would be cautious about using it as the peel-off aspect could cause you problems.

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