An Introduction to Acid Based Toners with Bravura London 

Acid based toner??? Sounds a bit scary doesn’t it? I can assure you that its not. As I’ve discovered recently, thanks to Bravura London, an acid based toner can actually bring huge benefits to your skin.

Our skin has a natural PH level of approximately 5.5. Most cleansers, though great for removing dirt, will actually raise the PH level of your skin creating a breading ground for that breakout causing bacteria. An acid based toner, used post cleanse, will help to lower your skins natural PH inhibiting bacteria growth. Yay clearer skin!

I’ve recently had the opportunity to try out the Bavura London Revitalising Gingseng Toner with Glycolic Acid 5% £12.40*. 

This has a PH of 4.5 and is alcohol free so is a gentle yet effective toner suitable for even dry and sensitive skin.

As it also provides a gentle exfoliation it helps to remove dead skin cells leaving you with brighter smoother skin.

Having used almost my entire bottle of this I have noticed a great improvement in the appearance of my skin. It is much brighter and smooth to touch.

For the most part I haven’t had any trouble with breakouts. I will say that this hasn’t been a miracle cure as I still have suffered from hormonal breakouts around my period. These do seam to be clearing up much quicker though.

There are two other toners available in the range each with a different percentage of the active ingredient Glycolic Acid. I shall be trying out the middle strength Purifying Calandula Toner 13% AHA next as I don’t suffer from skin sensitivity or dryness. I feel I could see yet still clearer skin using it. I shall keep you posted on that one.

Don’t worry if you are vegan as all these toners are vegan friendly and not tested on animals. Bravura London also get bonus points for creating such gorgeous packaging. I’m a sucker for a bit of coloured glass.
*Post features PR samples.