Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat – Does it work? 

Freshly manicured hands always make me feel well groomed. It’s a shame then that with my track record of messing up manicures that this ends up being a rare occurrence. I tend to think then that it’s not worth the effort unless I have a special occasion. This is why I choose to include Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat as one of my recent you beauty box selections.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat claims to     Instantly dry your manicure so that it is touch dry in just 30 seconds. It contains an acrylic polymer that works to harden and dry any nail colour whilst providing a superior shine and reduce chipping. Sounds great right? So the question is, does it work?

In a manner of speaking yes, It’s good, but  I will say it’s not perfect.

It certainly lives up to its claims that you can achieve a touch dry manicure in 30 seconds. I also agree that it hardens the nail colour more than a regular top coat.

As I said earlier I am guilty of messing up a fresh manicure, mainly as I’m impatient. This isn’t an issue with this top coat though.

The finish is beautifully glossy and that lasts. I can’t comment on whether this shine lasts for the ten days as claimed though as I have usually switched my manicure up by this point.

The reason I have said that this is not a perfect top coat is that although I have definitely experienced less chipping than usual it does still chip.

A typical manicure using this top coat will last 3 days before I have to change it due to tip wear. I work in retail which is a fairly hands on role. The picture below is an example of my nails after 3 days wear.

This is actually a vast improvement compared to previous top coats I have used and to be honest I have an inkling I’m always going to be the girl that bashes her nails.

Sally Hansen Insta dri is priced at £6.95 so sits at the higher end of the drug store pricing scale.

I consider this to be a good purchase as it has worked better than any other product of this type I have tried in the past. Other products designed to reduce manicure drying time have always made my nail polish brittle but this doesn’t do that.

This will most definitely be a repurchase for me once it runs out!