35 things I’ve learnt in 35 years 

So it was my birthday very recently. I celebrated my 35th, or as my charming husband renamed it my halfway to turning 70. It’s a good job I have a sense of humour!

As we grow older apparently we are supposed to get a bit wiser so I thought it would be fun to try to come up with a list of  35 things I’ve learned in my lifetime. 

Now be warned, some of that list is a bit weird, some humorous and some of it gets a bit deep. So here goes…..

1. Disney doesn’t loose its appeal just because you’re an adult. Did someone say Beauty and the Beast? 

2. It still isn’t a good idea to drink a bottle of wine on a school night. 

3. Quality really is better than quantity. On a night out I’d rather have 1 decent glass of wine than wince through a cheap shity bottle just to get drunk. 

4. Buying cheap tights is a false economy. Without fail they ladder on the first wear.

5. Running into Primark for that cheap pair of tights usually results in an unplanned shopping spree. 

6. My P.E teacher was right when she said ‘You would enjoy sports far more if you actually joined in’. Going long on the rounders pitch was perhaps a wasted opportunity. 

7.  No matter how old you get there are times when you still need a hug from your mum. 

8. It’s easy to take it for granted that your parents are always going to be around. Don’t, treasure them whilst you can. 

9. Watching Friends as a grown up is much more entertaining. There were so many jokes that went over my innocent teenage head. 

10. Comfort takes priority over being ‘on trend’. If I can’t eat a decent meal in it I’m not wearing it! 

11. I’m never going to master the art of the perfect winged eyeliner. Some of us just don’t have the skills. 

12.  Having good eyebrows can take years off how old you look. 

13. You no longer dread being asked for ID once you hit thirty. In fact on the rare occasion it happens it actually makes your day. 

14. When life gets tough it helps to have a sense of humour. 

15. I’m never going to be able to afford a Channel handbag. There’s my justification for spending £25 on a Channel eyeshadow then. 

16. You feel you’ve made it in life when you can actually afford to save for your pension. 

17. I never should have chucked those embroidered Topshop jeans that I had aged 17. Yup they would have been bang on trend right now! 

18. I should have read the Harry Potter books years ago, they really are rather good.

19. Just because you’re an adult it doesn’t mean you can escape the monthly hormonal spots. 

20. French skin care brands are the best. 

21. Grey hairs are inevitable,  we all get them eventually. 

22. Kids will always point out your flaws, such as those grey hairs or hormonal breakouts. Little buggers! 

23.Working mums guilt is a thing.

24.  If you find a job you love ‘that Monday morning feeling’ doesn’t exist. 

25. The little things in life, such as a full coffee shop loyalty card, can make the day so much better.

26. The Greggsnuts really is the best! It’s the closest I’m ever going to get to a Cronut. 

27.  You really shouldn’t fret about being single. That special someone will come along when you aren’t looking for it. 

28. Your popularity status at school will have no reflection on how successful you are as an adult.

29.  Its natural to grow apart from friends as your lives go in different directions. 

30. You might fight with your sisters growing up but as an adult they can become your closest friends.

31. Afternoon naps make me far more productive of an evening. Shame I’m working most days! 

32. My obsession with Zombie films has prepared me well for any apocalyptic situation. Don’t forget to double tap! 

33. Turns out I can only park by reversing into the parking bay and not face first.  Why??

34. It really is impossible to keep everyone in life happy, so don’t bother trying as you’ll just get your knickers in a twist. 

35. Occasionally it’s okay to put yourself first, be kind to yourself as you deserve it. 

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