The unplanned blog break


You haven’t heard from me in a while. It’s been roughly 2 1/2 months to be exact. I 100% hadn’t planned to be away from the blogging world for such a long period. My extended break happened by accident.

I had a bout of writers block, and to be quite frank was feeling very uninspired. A couple of times I sat down to try to write but was having to force it. For me that’s not good, it just didn’t feel natural. I wasn’t enjoying it and didn’t feel I was producing anything I felt worthy of publishing. It was definitely time to take a break.

I would be lying if I said that taking a break was a conscious decision. It wasn’t and just seemed to happen naturally. This included me virtually abandoning Twitter as well. I’ve never been great with twitter anyway, so my lack of presence there probably went unnoticed. This isn’t me being ‘oh poor me’, I’m just telling you how it is.

Life has definitely been super busy (I work in retail management) and before I knew it Christmas came and went and we are in 2019. I think my poor brain was clogged up with floor planning, stock management issues and a whole lot of extra random trouble shooting that goes on between Black Friday and the the End of Season sales. It’s not been all work though there has been a good amount of socialising too.

I’ve also been studying towards an NVQ in Managing People, that is specific to the retail sector. I have my final exams very soon so have been preparing for that. Those kick off on the 9th January so hopefully after then I will have some more free time. Saying that I have just signed up to run my first half marathon in March. Plus I’ve joined a Kick Boxing class so I’m not quite sure how much free time I will actually have whilst training??

I blame my over achieving big sister, she has definitely inspired me to push myself more. Ive always been a classic 2nd child who is more than happy to coast it.

Anyway this is me officially breaking radio silence. I don’t plan on making any rigid blog schedules or promises about how often I’m going to produce content. I want to keep it natural and write when I’m feeling fully inspired. That may mean some weeks you get a few blog posts and others just one. Basically if it stops being fun then I’m not going to force myself. Especially as this isn’t my job, it’s a hobby.

This seems a very natural place to stop so that’s all from me for today.