Addressing my hoarding tendencies

Hello. My name is Katy and I have bit of a hoarding problem. Finally I’ve said it. It feels good to get that off my chest.

Now I’m not one of those extreme hoarders that documentaries have been made about for Television. I don’t have stacks of old magazines, bags of string or boxes of items I’m saving because I think they ‘might be useful’ one day. No that’s definitely isn’t me.

My hoarding tendencies are a bit more specific. They cover the area of beauty products. I have a shocking amount of Makeup, fake tan, lip balms and shower gel of all things. Shower gel is a problem area for some reason? I have several back ups for my backups.

I sit in my bathroom trying to relax and feel all zen like but It’s a struggle. There is too much stuff. It’s a mess. As a result my mind is a mess, and I can’t switch off. In all honesty I’ve been starting to feel a bit weighed down by it all.

There is a want within me to declutter the excess. I have attempted several times to sort through the things that I need to declutter. Alas each time I’ve previously tried I would come up with a reason why not too.

I’ve spent money on the item.

Someone bought it as a gift so I should keep it.

I might need this at some point for my blog.

I feel guilty for being wasteful.

It’s a limited edition product or has been discontinued.

I’m not keen on the item but I’ll use it when I run out of similar items…..FYI it will probably take me at least 18 months to reach this point with shower gels alone!

The item hasn’t had a chance to fulfil its purpose. Yup utter nonsense basically!

I could go on but I think I’ve made my point.

Anyway you could be thinking ‘where is she going with this?’

Well I finally feel like I reached a point that I can stop the bullshit and successfully sort through the excess. I have Marie Kondo to thank for this.

(Let me pause for a few of you to eye roll…..yes I’m another one ‘jumping on the band wagon’)

Anyway I’m about halfway through Marie’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and it’s really helped me to let go. I applied her ‘Does it bring me Joy?’ rule to my wardrobe with great success. It’s worked for books and it’s worked for organising my papers. I’m now moving onto the area of Komono (miscellaneous items).

I am confident I can apply this rule to my problem areas and declutter without the guilt. The excess I will try to discard in a way that is as waste free as possible. I’m possibly going to have to be a bit creative with that.

I also feel I’ve accepted the fact that if I had really wanted to try out something I would have done it as soon as that item came into my possession rather than hoard it.

I definitely went through a period of time where I had an interesting relationship with shopping. I was doing it because I was feeling low and using the buzz of getting something new to lift my mood. I don’t feel I’m in that place anymore so no longer over shop. Those items I purchased during this period I feel I can part with guilt free because I’ve already experienced the ‘buzz’ from having that item. They have fulfilled their purpose, for me anyway, and someone else may appreciate them more.

If you are feel like you are drowning in too much stuff but are struggling to part with things this book is definitely worth a read. I’m not sure I’d say it’s ‘Life Changing’ but a useful tool for ‘habit breaking’.

Let me know your thoughts on this. Have you read Marie Kondo’s book? Have you watched her Netflix show? Do you think it’s wasteful to discard personal belongings so readily?