About Me

Hello readers,
Welcome to School Run Beauty, a beauty and lifestyle blog. I currently juggle working full time in retail management, three almost teenage children, a dog and my long suffering husband.

Aside from writing this blog about all things make-up and beauty related my other interests include getting crafty, (I’m teaching myself to knit at the moment), and reading novels, primarily set within the second world war. Oh and I seem to get a kick out of leaving the food shop till last minute so I have to come up with weird and wonderful food creations. You might see some of those featured on here.

If I could be granted one wish in life it would be to have a time machine, I would love to travel back and see what it was really like. For now though I content myself with reading books, visiting museums and checking out vintage finds.

Vices include drinking to much caffeine, overuse of Twitter and Instagram, buying too much makeup and clinging to my duvet for too long in the morning. Yup, not a morning person.

Thanks for stopping by, Katy 🙂

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