It’s Nap time! – Using a Space Mask

Having just worked seven days straight, I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been feeling a wee bit on the worn out side. When it comes to my day off then I’m more than likely going to have a nap a some point. Yup, I’m not afraid to admit that at 36, I still need a nap!

It was perfect timing then that my reading in heels box arrived containing a Space Mask. A what now?….Yes you read right…I said ‘space mask’.

A space mask is a self heating eye mask that soothes and relaxes you, allowing you to drift off to sleep. The mask is made from soft feeling material with iron powder encased within. The Iron powder heats up on contact with oxygen. I found the heat lasted for about 20 minutes. It also is meant to have a light Jasmin scent however I couldn’t actually smell this.

There are loops on either side of the mask that you pop over your ears keeping it in place. This is a great touch as it allows you to find your natural sleep position without it falling off.

I really enjoyed the warm feeling, I felt that this would be great to use if you have a headache.

The foil pouches are super handy so you could keep one in your handbag. Ideal then if you are traveling or are someone that suffers from regular headaches. I also think it would be worth giving one of these a go if you are someone that struggles to drop off to sleep.

Me… I’m not above finding a quiet corner at work and having a power nap during my lunch break. What about you?

A pack of 5 masks costs £15 + p&p from

Facemask Friday with DHC a-Arbutin White Mask

It’s Friday!! I’m happy as that means I get a little bit of a lie in tomorrow. It also means sharing with you the latest Facemask I have been trying out. 

This week I’m getting all exotic on you with a Japanese sheet mask. Available from Essential DHC’s a-Arbutin White Mask will set you back £3.75. It’s main objective is to combat skin dullness and discolouration. 

The mask itself is a sheet mask soaked in a generous amount of hydrating serum. It clung fairly well to the skin and was very comfortable and refreshing to wear. To help keep it in place I found lying back and relaxing for the suggested 20 minutes wear time helpful. 

One thing though, you do look rather scary. I’m thinking a cross between a burns victim and the killer from the ‘Halloween’ films. Nice???


The key ingredient in this mask is alpha-arbutin which is a skin brightener. It also claims to hydrate the skin. The key question then, does it work? 

As you can see from the picture below, taken immediately after wear, it does leave the skin with a bright glowiness to it. It does a great job of creating that ‘lit from within’ look to the skin.

 I can’t say my skin felt particularly hydrated though and the brightening effect is only short term. 


If I was to use one of these masks again I would use it as a pre ‘going out’ treatment as I loved how my skin looked in the immediate couple of hours after using it. 

I don’t feel I would reach for this as part of my regular skincare routine though as it didn’t leave my skin feeling nourished enough. Despite that It is still a nice mask, it just doesn’t offer everything I look for in a regular use mask. 

What sort of Facemask do you like to use? 

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Facemask Friday with Heaven Skincare Silver Bee Venom mask

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared a Facemask Friday post. The reason for this will be made clear shortly. 

Way back in august I attended the #bigbloggersconference, organised by London meet-ups. If you fancy reading about that then I posted about it here. Whilst attending the brand exhibit as part of this event  I was very fortunate to be gifted the Silver Bee Venom mask £55 for 30ml alongside some other heaven skincare items by the lovely Deborah Mitchell, founder of Heaven Skincare

Considering the price tag attached to this Facemask I wanted to ensure I gave this a substantial testing period before I wrote a review about it. I know I’d be rather miffed if I read a review that wasn’t accurate just because the product was ‘gifted’ and the article rushed to publishing. 

Two months down the line I have had enough use of the facemask to form an opinion about the product and feel happy to share my honest opinion with my readers. 

First up let me tell you a little bit more about the Silver Bee Venom Facemask

The mask contains ABEETOXIN (bee venom) that works naturally to help control facial muscles providing a lifting, tightening and firming effect whilst actively reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

This claims to provide a natural and safe alternative to Botox Injections (sourced from toxic botulism). 

So what did I think about the facemask? 

From a packaging point of view it is stunning. The packaging is truely luxurious, it reminds me of a pearl encased in an icecube. It very is reassuringly weighty to hold in your hand. 

The mask itself is very rich and creamy and has a light floral scent. When worn on the skin it has a slight tingle though this is not uncomfortable in any way. 

You can actually use the mask daily as a moisturiser in the evening should you wish. I however have opted to use the more traditional mask method wearing it for about 15 minutes once a week before rinsing off. 

Now down to the nitty gritty. Does it work? 

I have definately noticed a marked improvement to the appearance of my forehead. I usually have a visible vertical crease between my brows from squinting (I really should stop being vain and wear my glasses more). This is no longer visible, as long as I continue to use the mask. 

When I skipped a week through laziness the effects had worn off and that tell take line started to reappear. 

This isn’t a permant fix then, but with prolonged use of the facemask you will continue to see it’s effects. 

Is it worth the money? 

It pains me to say this, as I don’t like pushing pricey products on people but I do actually think this is worth the £55 price tag. When you consider how much Botox injections are and that you will get a good 5/6 uses out of the mask (used how I have) then yes it’s worth it. 

Put it this way I’m going to have to start saving my pocket money to replace this when it runs out as I will miss it. 

Have you tried this face mask before, what was your experience? 

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Facemask Friday – LUSH cosmetic catastrophe 

A couple of weeks ago I went along to a blogger evening at my local lush store. One of the goodies I came away with was a pot of my very own cosmetic catastrophe face mask to try out at home.  

 If you want to read more on that post you can do so Here

Back to today though and let me tell you more about this mask. 

As part of Lush’s fresh face mask range this one focuses on the benefits of antioxidant ingredients. Hello blueberries and  camomile! 

Other ingredients include calamine and almond oil designed to sooth the skin. 

Used straight from the fridge I found this super refreshing and cool feeling on my skin. I have had some angry spots recently but when I used this last Friday it seemed to help reduce and sooth the angry redness. This will be going on my face again tonight. 

The only negative I can find to comment on is the large bits of blueberry in it, they just felt a bit odd. Mind you that could be because this was part of a batch we had a go at making ourselves on the evening? 

This is one I would pick up again, I love a Lush face mask anyway, but the soothing properties of this particular one stand out for me. 

Are having a face mask Friday today? I would love to see what you are using.

Bye for now, Katy 🙂

Face Mask Friday – Superdrug calming facial sheet mask 

If I’m not going out then I love to kick back on a Friday with a face mask. 

As my skin is recovering from a bit of a breakout, I’ve been left with a couple of red looking scars. This seemed the ideal to to try out this calming sheet mask £1.29 from Superdrug


 The sheet mask is soaked in a herbal blend of green tea, cucumber and aloe Vera juice. 

It claims to revive the completions radiance and to leave the skin feeling soft and smooth. 

So how did I get on?  


Well apart from looking like I’m about to go a comit a murder, I did find this an enjoyable experience. 

The face mask did indeed feel very cool and soothing on my face. The delicate fragrance added to this refreshing feel, I would probably describe it as a fresh clean smell. 

It can’t really say that I saw any amazing visual results from using this mask. What it did do was leave my skin feeling clean and refreshed. I also felt very relaxed. I amagine due the soothing nature of the ingredients this mask would be great fix if you have perhaps has a bit too much sun. 

In fact I think I probably will keep one of these on stand by to test this theory out. No matter how careful I am my skin always likes to turn a bit pink in the sun. Damn Irish genes!

Have you tried this mask before? Do you have an suggestions of other similar face masks to try? 

Bye for now, Katy 🙂