The October Libbie Club Deals 

Octobers Libbie Club box has somewhat of an International theme. There are some seriously great products included that I am really excited about having the opportunity to try. 

I haven’t quite gotten around to trying out all of the products in the box yet but I will give you a run down on what’s included and the offers available.

First up is Salon Science Reglosse Smoothing Serum 50ml & Reprotectant Thermal Creme 150ml.
Created using plant extracts and stem cells, by biochemistry experts in Switzerland is this frizz fighting duo that has been created to target damaged hair in need of some TLC. 

The Reglosse Smoothing Serum can be used on both dry or towel dried hair to smooth split ends and tame fly away hair.

The Reprotectant Thermal Creme is an antioxidant rich heat protection spray essential to protect hair from further damage. 

I have enjoyed using both of these on my hair and feel they do a great job at fighting frizz. 

I actually got rained on today on my way to work and usually my hair will dry a frizzy mess. Today it didn’t so I highly rate this range.

The duo is on offer from Libbie Club at £14.50, worth £24. 

As a bit of a facemask junkie I’m excited to have this selection pack of best-selling facemasks from Parisian skin care brand Anne Semonin. I haven’t tried anything from this brand before so this is an ideal way of doing so.

The pack contains 4 10g pods including one of each exfoliating, mineral, cream and gel masks. 
Libbie Club are offering The Daily Musts Coffret for £19.50,  (20% off RRP). 

The last product in October is from New York based brand The Library of Fragrance. They are known for creating unusual scents inspired by everyday fragrances around us. Some of their original scents included tomato, dirt and grass. All colognes are unisex and designed to be layered so you can create a truly unique scent. 

Libbie club have 7 different fragrances on offer all priced at £14

They include:

  • Gingerbread
  • Gin & Tonic
  • Fresh Laundary
  • Baby Powder
  • Musk
  • Jasmine
  • Vanilla Icecream

I have Baby Powder which I adore! It’s scent was inspired by Johnson & Johnson baby powder. It really has that lovely clean scent of new born babies. 

What scent would you try?

I will share my thoughts with you on each product once I have had the opportunity to try them out.

A #Fabulousnight in with Fabulous Mag

On Tuesday evening myself and little sister, fellow blogger Ashliegh,  took a trip up to London to attend Fabulous Magazines #Fabulousnightin.  Do go check out her blog, she writes about a wide variety of topics. 

The event was held on the top floor of News UK’s rather swanky building in London Bridge. The views from the 17th floor are quite amazing. With floor to ceiling Windows you get an amazing panaramic view of Londons Southbank. I tried to get some photos to share but as it was dark the internal lights kept reflecting in my lense. Bummer! 

When we arrived we had the opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine from i heart WINES. Don’t mind if I do! 

If you want to find out more about the brand then check out their website

Whilst sipping on our drinks we sat down to watch the Q&A session led by Claire Frost. 

The panel of authors included Lindsey Kelk (I’m a bit of a fan girl), Giovanna Fletcher and last but not least Mhairi McFarlane. This was live streamed on Fabulous Magazines Facebook page. 

There was plenty of laughter and valuable advice for aspiring authors. The video is worth a watch if you want some advice and industry insider tips. 

We then had the opportunity to meet each of the lovely ladies in person and have our books signed. They were fab and took time to have a chat and pose for a photo with everyone. Well done ladies! 

Posing with Lindsey Kelk

So with some new books to read (other than my business studies textbooks) I will do my best to share some reviews with you in the new future.

5 coconut based bath & body products worth trying 

I have a bit of a love for all things coconut related. Candles, beauty products and food, I love it all. Put it this way, I’d share my last Rolo but no ones getting a bite of my Bounty! 

My love for coconut has meant I’ve tried my fair share of coconut based bath and body products. I actually realised this sat in the bath and everything on my shelf had coconut in the title. I told you I’m a bit obsessed. 

So queue a bit of  bath time blog post inspiration and here I am sharing a round up of my 5 current favourites coconut bath and body products. 

1. Queen of … Ooh la la Shaving Gel £2.99 superdrug 

It took me a little while to get used to this shaving gel as it doesn’t create a thick layer of foam typical of traditional canned shaving gels. 

Instead what you get is thinner but creamy  and nourishing layer of protection for the skin.

The coconut and vanilla scent is fab. It also contains Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil which have soothing and healing properties. It is free from those nasty parabens and is not tested on animals. 

My skin is left feeling super soft and smooth post shave. It must be love as I’ve just finished my fourth tube. 

2 & 3. Avon naturals coconut & starfruit Shower gel and body lotion. 

Last year I picked up Coconut water chill shower gel and body lotions from Bath & Bodyworks. They smelt amazing. Alas I can’t replace them because a) they’ve been discontinued and b) we don’t have a store in the UK. 

This little duo from Avon though smells exactly the same. I did a little ‘Oh my freekin god!’ happy dance when I first smelt this. Naturally as soon as I see Avon discontinuing it I shall be stock piling it. Don’t judge me! 

4. Palmers coconut oil formula deep conditioning protein pack £1.99 superdrug. 

If your hair is feeling a bit on the dry side and in need of some TLC then this treatment mask is a must try. I have previously reviewed this hair mask on the blog. For a full review check out that post here. 

To sum that up in a few words though expect a natural treatment that leaves hair tangle free and deep conditioned. 

5. Alberto Balsam coconut & lychee conditioner £1 Boots (currently 4 for £3).

I love everything about this conditioner. It leaves my hair feel conditioned and healthy. Oh and the smell, ummmm, even the the husband comments on the smell of my hair when I’ve used this conditioner. Oh and for s £1, what’s not to love? 

Are you a fellow coconut lover? I’d love to hear what coconut based products you recommend I should try. 

Find Your Perfect Red Lipstick With Avon

Now that we are into Autumn It seems only right to pull out some deeper lipstick shades. I love red lipstick but finding the perfect shade can be a little tricky. 

Avon have made selecting the right shade so much easier with their latest launch. Perfect Reds features 8 shades of red created to compliment a range of skin tone and hair colour. 

I am a Brunette with fair skin so the suggested shades for me are Scarlett Siren and Red 2000.

Scarlet siren (top) is a rich warm toned red. 

Red 2000 (bottom)  is a cooler blue toned red. 

Both shades have creamy texture and are comfortable to wear. 

The lipsticks are currently priced at £7.50* each with a free makeup gift if you spend £10. The prices do tend to change each campaign with Avon though depending on special offers available 


*disclaimer – link to my Avon Facebook page. 

A Lush Halloween mini haul

Halloween has hit our Lush stores again, so naturally I had to ram raid my nearest store to get my hands on some of the goodies. Having seen several teasers of what was on offer pre launch via Instagram I had a clear idea of what I was after. 

Let’s  just say my local store must have had a very busy weekend as there wasn’t much left. I managed to get hold of some of the bits I wanted even if my Pumpkin Bathbomb has seen better days. Yes he’s missing his teeth. 

I loved the sweet spicy scent of vanilla and cinnamon so much though I was willing to ignore that. Let’s face it anyway it will be dissolved in my bath pretty soon so appearances can be forgiven. 

 The next item I picked up was Autumn Leave, another bath bomb. How pretty is this! 

It has an uplifting scent with ingredients including neroli oil, sandalwood and bergamot oils, and Japanese maple sap. 

Lastly I had to nab one of the glittery pumpkin bubble bars. I know I’m going to hate cleaning the bath after using this one but it’s just too pretty. I also love the combination of lime and grapefruit oil that gives this a refreshing scent. 

So that’s what I picked up from Lush’s Halloween launch. Now I just need to decide which one I’m going to use first?

When The Shit Hits The Fan! 

So you might have noticed I’ve been a wee bit AWOL recently. I had a lovely organised blog schedule all prepared for September, then real life happened. Yup there’s been a whole lot of ADULTing happening, and consequently anything else went temporally out the window. 

Some of what’s been happening in my life has been great, I started my new job with Joules, which I am loving. This however has involved working some seriously long hours with a long commute on top. Fortunately that is only temporary and it will settle down over the next week when we open our brand spanking new store. Exciting!!

I’ve had to juggle that with some major dramas in my personal life. My youngest broke his arms for the second time in six months. He had to have surgery earlier this week to have rods and pins put in place to secure the broken bones. This meant two days in hospital, trying to get some sleep on one of those horrible little fold out beds on the kids ward. Combine this with the noise and lets just say a good nights sleep was not to be had. 

I’m not going to lie, this was tough. As I was starting a new job I couldn’t take time off. I hated having to leave him in the hospital on the last day he was there to go back to work. Even though he had had his surgery by this point and I knew he was being discharged later that day I still felt like a sucky mum for leaving him. 

The poor little man has really struggled with pain this time. He had reached a point yesterday where he had just had about all he could tolerate. Fingers crossed after a trip back to hospital we have that sorted now. He slept through the night for the first time in four days. Relieved?? You’ve got that right. 

Whilst this was all happening my husband had to rush off to France as he had an emergency on his side of the family. If doesn’t rain it pours! 

All I can say is thank the Lord my head is in a very good place right now. Two years ago I probably would have had a melt down. I’m a much stronger person now and can cope with whatever shit is thrown at me. I’ve learnt to duck, and most importantly accept help when it’s offered. There really is no point trying to be a martyr. Be strong yes, but if your not looking after yourself then you really are no good to anyone else. 

On that note I’m off to drink a gallon of caffeine (naughty me) and do some more ADULTing.

How not to fall victim to FOMO

The FOMO, it’s real, and at some point we will all experience it in our lives. A lot of you will be very aware of what this little acronym means. If you’re like me though and not very down with the kids (I only learnt it’s meaning possibly in the last year) let me explain. 

FOMO, aka the fear of missing out, is the modern day equivalent of ‘keeping up with the Jones.’ Only now our lives are plastered across various social media platforms it has crept it’s way into being a permanent fixture in our everyday lives. Yes it’s is no longer restricted to a bit of curtain twitching and gossiping about the neighbours new driveway. 

Thanks to Facebook and Instagram, especially, it can often seem that everyone else’s lives are far more exciting than our own. That girl you didn’t really like at school but insist on being freinds with on Facebook coz your nosy, she’s off on her third Instagram worthy holiday this year, NO FAIR!! I haven’t had one this year. 

 Your favourite blogger once again has managed to get her hands on the latest MAC limited edition launch. Whilst you can’t afford it because you’ve just spent all your money on kitting the kids out with back to school paraphernalia. True story! 

No MAC Star Trek make-up for me. The kids School uniform fits and for about three weeks will look super smart. Oh and their shoes fit and/or no longer have holes in them, WINNING! Still no Star Trek makeup for this makeup addict closet Star Trek geek. Minor digression, but it was my dream to join Star Fleet as a teenager. Sad, but very very true! 

Yes it’s so easy to look at other people’s lives and turn green with envy. Next time you feel a bout of FOMO coming on though remember this. How much of what we see on people’s social media is real? 

Now I’m not saying that that girl from school hasn’t had three holidays this year, but she may not be sharing the fact that her job is so rubbish or stressful that she needs those holidays just to feel sane. 

How many people can honestly say they don’t filter out the crappy parts of their lives on social media? Why? Well it makes us feel better about ourselves. 

My entire immediate family are currently in Portugal on holiday, due to our financial situation we couldn’t go. You can imagine how seeing the updates of them having fun triggers an attack of the FOMO. Do you know what though? If I had gone on that holiday I wouldn’t be starting my exciting new job. One case of FOMO batted out of the park right there. 

How?? Instead of looking enviously at what I could be missing out on I’ve looked and seen the positive things happening in my life. 

So next time you feel a touch of the green eyed monster rearing remember the grass isn’t always greener!

5 uses for Dr Paw Paw multipurpose soothing balm

Back in July, I attended the LDNmeetup Big Blogger Expo. If you want to read more about the day you can do so here. One of the brands exhibiting was Dr Paw Paw, producers of the UK’s first paw paw based  balm.

I had used Dr Paw Paws original multi purpose balm in the past so was already familiar with the brand. As it turns out though I really wasn’t getting the most out of mine as  I had only used it as a lip balm. Hah! Yes they told me off! We had a chat about the products and they gave me some tips on how I could experience the full benefits of using the balm, plus they kindly gave me some more to try out at home.

Having had a chance to have a play with the product I thought I would share with you five ways I am now using my Dr Paw Paw multi purpose balm. 

1. Cuticle balm – just a small drop of the original balm is enough to run into my cuticles to keep them looking healthy.

2. Brow fixing gel – Nothing else on hand to tame unruly brows? Not a problem if you have a tube of the original balm in your bag. As it is a clear balm it’s ideal for on holiday by the pool. You won’t be in danger of getting any nasty running brows either!

Soothing bites and dry patches – Got an irritating bite, minor burn or dry patch of skin? Paw Paw has antibacterial and anti microbiological properties  so can help to smooth and heal.

Hair finishing serum – Got some lunchtime fly always? It’s okay you can fix them by running some balm through your hair. I was worried about it making my hair look greasy but it doesn’t.

Blusher – The tinted balms make gorgeous natural looking blushers. My favourite shade is the peach. As the tinted balms have the same formula as the original you can still use them for any emergency fixes.

As you can see this really isn’t just a ‘lip balm’ but a hugely versatile product to have on hand. Priced at just £6.95 for a generous 25ml tube it is great value for money and since it is now being stock in Superdrug it is accessible too.

The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops | Review

I don’t very often purchase make-up from The Body Shop as to be quite frank as a make-up brand it doesn’t excite me. I’m always nipping into my local store though as I love their body butters and banana conditioner. This little gem of a product caught my interest recently though as unique problem solver that I needed in my life, and since trying it out I consider this a ‘must have’ in my collection. 

I’m a pale girl, but not ivory pale, so can often find it difficult to find a foundation that matches perfectly. I also like to warm my complexion just a little bit but don’t want that tell tale slightly too orange look. These shade adjusting drops in lightening from The Body Shop have proven to be a bit of a game changer where my foundation is concerned. 

The lightening drops contain a concentration of white and yellow pigments that help to neutralise any foundation that is too yellow or orange looking. 

They come in a handy glass bottle with a dropper, meaning you have control over how much you are adding to your foundation and waste is minimal. The Body Shop recommend that 1 drop, added to the usual amount of foundation you would apply, will lighten by 1/2 a shade. 

I usually put my foundation onto the back of my hand, add a good sized drop of the shade adjusting drops, before mixing with a finger and then applying with my usual brush. It can be a little messy but the results are worth it. I have tried using the drops in a couple of different foundations now and haven’t found that they have a negative affect the performance. It does perhaps thin it slightly by wear is still the same. 

The drops are priced at £10 and as you use so little a bottle is going to last a long time. So, good value for money then in my opinion. If you are struggling to find your perfect foundation shade I highly recommend popping along to your local store and trying these lightening drops out. 

Confession time | Addicted to my iPhone? 

My name is Katy and I’m addicted to my iPhone. Yup I have a terrible habit that I need to break. Honestly I would have so much more time in the day if it wasn’t for my unhealthy attachment to an inanimate object. 

I know I’m not the only one, my husband and kids are often just as bad. In order to get the teens to get any homework done I have to confiscate their phones. Well, what with all the games and apps and Internet access they are the perfect procrastination tool! 

Don’t even get me started on the number of times I’ve bickered with the husband about his phone usage. Sounds like a touch of the old pot calling the kettle black doesn’t it?  

My mornings start like this, wake up and grab a tea. Drink tea whislt scrolling through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Bloglovin and WordPress and not to forget the News App, before I know I’m late for the school run. Bad Mummy! 

As a blogger it’s very easy to use the excuse that I’m working on promoting my online presence or being a good blogger and catching up with and supporting other people’s work. There comes a point though when it really is time to switch off otherwise I find I get nothing done and my mood can start to be affected. Not only that it’s terrible for my posture and the old aches and pains start to return in my neck and shoulders. 

I realised it really had become a problem when I found I had stopped reading. I used to be such a book worm and would devour book after book. This year I’ve read approximately four books, and two of those have been in the past month since I’ve started trying to restrict my phone usage. 

As ridiculous as it sounds I am having to make a conscious effort to break my smart phone habit. I can compare it to that of trying to give up smoking, it took a few attempts but I did that successfully in the end. So this really shouldn’t be a problem, right? 

The key to my success this time will be to keep my hands busy with more constructive activities such as knitting, colouring in or simply doing the ironing. Otherwise I find my self fidgeting and then reaching for my iPhone. I know that that works I just need to be stricter with myself. 

I’ve actually started leaving my phone in a different room to me, out of sight out of mind right? Well once I’ve got over the initial feeling like my right arms been cut off. 

I’m hoping if my kids see me less attached to my phone they will develop better habits too. You never know?  That and maybe the hubby will stop calling me a hypocrite when I moan at him for paying more attention to his phone then me?  Errr Awkward! 

Just because you are a busy mum it doesn't mean you can't have any me time!

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